The middle of October in New England doesn’t exactly scream beach weather, but our faves from the “Sink or Swim” challenge are already inspiring summer trips to the Cape!  These looks will take us from the sand to the beach club bar in style.


Top Left: Nathalia’s Design | Top Right: Cornelius’ Design | Bottom: Rik’s Design

The flops for us this week were based on style.  Despite the judges opinion, We actually liked Tasha’s textile but the fit of the suit was not our taste.  The white tankini resembled a corset a little too closely. The red bikini straps wrapped one too many times around the body for our comfort.  Very glad to see all these designers are still with us!


Top Left: Tasha’s Design | Top Right: Laurence’s Design  | Bottom: Mah-Jing’s Design

See you next week, Designers!

XO Alice + Joy

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Project Runway: Ep. 3 Faves/Flops

Talk about taking a day-to-night look to an entirely new level!

This weeks faves were Cornelius’ structured emoji dress, Jenni’s delicately drawn floral jacket/skirt, and Nathalia’s color blocked jacket and shorts. All three looks captured the spirit and fun of this trans-formative challenge:

From Top: Cornelius’ design |  Jenni’s design | Nathalia’s design 

For us, the flops were clear this week, and in line with the judges. Mah-Jing’s splatter print dress, Rik’s risque tank/skirt, and Kimber’s floral one-sleeve dress fell short. We credit Rik for fully immersing himself into the challenge, and agree that while Mah-Jing’s vision went array, his innovation surpassed Kimber’s.

From Top: Mah-Jing’s design | Rik’s design | Kimber’s design

We can’t wait to see the designers deliver in next week’s swimsuit challenge!

xoxo – Alice + Joy

Project Runway: Ep. 2 Faves/Flops

Are you guys as obsessed with season 15 of Project Runway as we are?!

The winning looks for Alice and I were Alex’s dress pant and sheer crop top, Mah-Jing’s dress, and Sarah’s pencil skirt and blouse.  We love how these looks can transition from the work day to a night out:

Top Left: Mah-Jing’s design | Top Right: Sarah’s design | Bottom: Alex’s design

As a bonus fave, we loved Brik’s blazer.  We know the judges were not a fan. We agree, knit pants are not something we go for either, but we would pair that unique blazer with some dark wash skinny jeans or a cigarette dress pant:
Brik’s design
The flops for us were Jenni’s low crotched pants, Dexter’s oversized jacket, and Erin’s dress.  The oversized shapeless styles do not appeal to us. We agree with the judges, a sleeveless version of Erin’s look would have sold us more (we both loved the way her belt accentuates the waist):
Top Left: Jenni’s design | Top Right: Dexter’s design | Bottom: Erin’s design
See you next week, Designers!

Wardrobe Wed: Quick Pick Pattern

Some mornings are just a rush, no matter how much time I give myself! Today I needed to make some snap decisions which resulted in my reliance on patterns.

I find that busy pieces take out any of the effort to create a “look”. Most of what I want to accomplish in terms of style and feel is already meticulously combined in my patterned wardrobe:

Coral + turquoise chevron striped top by Apt. 9 Navy blue linen pencil skirt by Premise

This top doesn’t need any competition so I chose a simple pencil skirt and decided to do without a belt. I couldn’t quite get my belts to work with the stripes. When i doubt, less is more!

With my morning rush, I had to eat into my normal “watch the morning news while putting on makeup” routine:

patterened face

I had time for: Tinted Moisturizer | Eyebrows (ALWAYS) Winged Eyeliner Mascara Lip Balm

This morning provides great motivation for me to lay out my outfits the night before. At least to mentally put one together before bed…

xoxo- Alice

ColourPop: Ultra Matte Lip

I have been tempted to hop on the Kylie Cosmetics bandwagon to see what her liquid lipsticks are all about.  The feeling usually sneaks up a day or two before an event, when I am itching for a new “look”, and TBH Kylie’s lips are ON. POINT.

What has held me back? The combination of products on back order and the cost. $15 is by no means a rediculous price point, but I am all about that bargain, which brought me to ColourPop.

I have learned (through reviews and beauty vlogs) that the ColourPop ingredients are virtually identical to that of Kylie’s lipsticks, and ring in at less than half the cost.

At $6 each, $4.99 for shipping, and a $5 promo code – I snagged three different ultra matte lips for only $18!

Simple + sleek packaging Colors (from top): Scrooge, Lumiere 2, Ouiji

Today I am testing out Ouiji’s bright coral hue:

Light + Bright | Up-close color | The stretch test 🙂

The application was insanely smooth and much lighter than I expected, with a quick drying time. Within 2 minutes my lips were coated and felt weightless.

Application time: 8:00am. Let’s see how this baby lasts througout the day!

xoxo- Alice

Wardrobe Wed: Light Layers

Day 7 of a heat wave + an industrial AC system = layers upon layers for work!

Not wanting to be too restricted I MacGuyver’d my white drape cardigan into a wrap shirt with the help of two small safety pins. The drapes fell perfectly over my tuxedo pants:

White cardigan by Cable + Gauge Tuxedo ankle pants by Ann Taylor

 The scarf is a gift from Gear that he picked out on a previous business trip to Paris – one of my favorite pieces!  It added both color and an extra layer against my chilly office. I paired with sleel black heels:

Silk floral scarf from Paris, France Black patent leather heels by Comfort Plus

Let’s see how many transitions I make today from being completely bundled up to loosing some layers 🙂

xoxo- Alice

Thursday Threads: Palm Beach Palms

I am a jet setter once again! OK, so its only Florida but I count anywhere with palm trees as a tropical escape.

Palm Beach is gorgeous as ever, but HOT. I have learned to keep my clothing light and simple:

Coral + white palms sleeveless blouse by Saint Tropez Grey pencil skirt by Express

My sand dollar necklace was the only accessory I wore for the entire trip and I lived in these “Marnie” sandals:

Gold sand dollar necklace (vintage) | Cream + gold “Marnie” sandals by Dolce Vita 

I am becoming more Floridian with each trip!

xoxo- Alice


Wardrobe Wed: Pixley Print

This skirt packs so much punch that I get slightly nervous anytime I wear it. There is no blending in with this baby!

Once on, however, I remember how much I love the floral pattern:

White t-shirt by Mossimo Floral print pencil skirt by Pixley Eve

I was delighted to see this skirt in one of my StitchFix deliveries a few months back. It is definitely a piece I wouldn’t have been bold enough to pick for myself.

Giving this skirt my full attention, I went accessory free and chose a simple shoe:

Nude pumps by Comfort Plus

Our summer dress code lets me get away with pairing this skirt with a simple tee. It really is all about the print!

xoxo – Alice

Wardrobe Wed: Wedges + White

There is something incredibly satisfying about wearing white. Its crisp, fresh, and clean. Part of the thrill (for me) is going all day sans stains. Fingers crossed!

Riley roll-tab-sleeve button-down shirt by Velvet Heart White pencil skirt by Willi Smith

This chambray top is light enough where I can play with both warm or cool undertones in my accessories. Today warmth wins:

Caramel + cork wedges by Guess Pink, pale green + opal gem bracelet by Mythology

I have this dream of wearing an all white outfit at least once this summer. I am giving myself until Labor day to make it happen!


One Stop, One Piece

Alice gave us fabulous Caribbean looks from her Antigua trip which got me thinking about bathing suit season.  Celebs are seen in the bathing suits year round but for us New Englanders we have a short bathing suit window.  The one piece is my favorite bathing suit silhouette and there are some very trendy one piece options now.

JLo enjoying a Vegas pool party was my recent inspiration.


Photo from In Style J. Lo hosting the Carnival Del Sol Pool Party at Drai’s Beach Club


All one piece suites are from Lord & Taylor

I love the Michael Kors knot and ruching front because it accentuates a flattering waistline.  The white Michael Kors offers trendy, conservative cover.  The Karen Kane bright pop of color and deep-v halter neckline is a sexy beach look.  

Talk soon,