Odd Mom (Me) Out

Bravo’s latest scripted series, Odd Mom Out is definitely on my summer watch list.  The quick dialogue, sarcastic humor, and stereotyping NY’s elite has me laughing out loud.  What really caught my attention is the friendship dynamic between Jill and her college bestie Vanessa played by Jill Kargman and K. K. Glick.  I am finding this duo so relatable.  Jill and Vanessa text on the daily and TALK on the PHONE. Thats right, those devices that they text and take pictures with, they also use to have real voice to voice conversations.  I am in constant contact with my many of closets friends thanks to texting, Gchat, and Facebook Messenger.    In fact when we call each other, the receiver is often worried someone died.  Odd Mom Out reminded me that virtual communication is convenient for keeping up with the hectic day to day but the phone call keeps the bond strong.  Not to worry friends, no emergencies here, I just want to say it not text it 🙂

I also love that these characters are not afraid to go against the social norm grain within their circles.  They don’t entirely fit in. I don’t always fit in. Being a little different, having interests that not all my friends share is actually kind of fun and Jill and Vanessa are the same way.  The characters also reassured me that disagreeing with your friends is totally fine.  Like the “Sip ‘N See” party that Jill threw for her sister-in-law. Sorry I’m not sorry, but do we need this? I will happily buy a gift and enjoy myself at my friends’ baby showers for their first baby.  Now we have gender reveals, sprinkles and Sip ‘N Sees. When does it end? Don’t get me wrong, I got my girls’ backs no matter what silly Pintrest trend they want but I reserve the right to think it’s a little much.  It was during the “Sip ‘N See” episode that I noticed something else that made me love Odd Mom Out even more.  Jill, despite being a super busy stay at home mom and handling her crazy family, has not abandon her passion.  Once upon a time, Jill was a professional photographer and she still practices her craft.  Keeping up with a hobby or something you love is so important in the long run.  It’s good for your mental health to have something that is just yours and practicing your craft and keeping a current portfolio also keeps you marketable.  If Odd Mom Out finds herself back in the world of work, she won’t have an issue transitioning.  And if she doesn’t, she is still way more interesting and someone I want to talk to at party because dares to be a little different.

Talk soon,



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