Something Borrowed, Something New

Some of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores. I love to hunt for clothing and have no issues wearing a gently worn article that can be made brand new via washer and dryer. I also love that I am able to curb my shopping habit while on a budget!

I tend to buy pieces that I am “feeling” regardless of season and  won’t feel bad about recycling within six months to a year. My system has been that whenever I buy a piece, I make sure that I am donating one from my closet. It keeps my wardrobe fresh and ensures that Gear still has some semblance of closet space in our bedroom.

To complement these finds that may not be the best brand/quality,  I have bought (over time) a few staple pieces that act as long-term investments in my wardrobe. Some items include: a classic black pencil skirt, three long sleeve blouses (for the Fall/Spring), two blouse tanks for the Summer, and two day-to-night dresses.

All of these items were purchased at either Marshall’s or TJ Maxx where I am drawn to designers whose pieces are both durable and great fits. I marry these pieces with my thrift store finds and get creative with my pairings.

Today’s something borrowed, something new consists of a black faux leather pencil skirt with zipper accents from The Limited (my “borrowed”) that I matched with a white Darjoni two tier high neck tank blouse (my “new”). The skirt was a $5 purchase during a thrift trip at Saver’s and the tank was $30 at Marshalls.

Paired with a slim silver belt and chunky silver/lavender necklace  I am work ready for less than $50!

Also, I have just been told I need to wear khakis for a work event this weekend… looks like I will be making a Saver’s trip this evening 🙂

– Alice


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