My Search for $5 Khakis

Working for a University comes with the understanding that some events require the “staff” uniform: an athletic polo with the school logo (provided by FSU) and some sort of consistent bottom. Usually khakis.

How I have been able to avoid the dreaded khaki for almost a year is beyond me but my luck has finally run out. Our staff is hosting an event tomorrow and the word from the top was “be sure to wear your polo and khakis. Oh, and no shorts”.

Not owning any semblance of the beige cotton-poly blend, I immediately went to my saving grace, Saver’s.

Hello, gorgeous!

Hello, gorgeous!

Saver’s is a second-hand store that I consider a step above Salvation Army and United Way, but not as exclusive as clothing consignment shops. The store is set up similarly to a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s where the clothing lines the floor by category (pants, tank tops, long sleeve knits, short sleeve blouses, etc.) and you will always need to rifle through each piece to find what you are looking for.

savers inside 1

So. Much. Clothing.

savers inside 2

Housewares and Furnishings are tucked away but very popular.

Being inside is like playing black jack at a casino. Hours pass by without you noticing and your findings are definitely hit or miss. On a leisurely day I can spend an entire afternoon browsing the housewares, furniture, clothing, and accessories, but when I am on a mission for one item I make sure to stay on track.

I bee-lined it to the Capri section hoping to spend no more than $5 and within a few minutes had found 5 pairs of khakis to try on. Prices ranged from $4.99 to $12.99 and included the following brands: Charter Club, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Rafaella, and New York & Company.

Fifty shades of beige…

I whipped each pair on and quickly determined if they would work or not. Some were immediately discarded because they didn’t fit well and others came down to the fabric. I wanted something light weight and breathable for the event which would be outdoors in the 85 + degree heat.

Ultimately I chose the Rafaella Capri for its light but structured fabric and high waist which I adore:

The winner!

The winner!

In case anyone needs to know why my love for Saver’s runs so deep here is one (of many) reasons: the bargains!

khakis price

Poppin’ tags.

This Rafaella Capri retails for $24.99 (new) and cost me $4.99. I always do a full sweep to make sure there aren’t any holes, marks, undone stitching or discoloration. This pair is blemish free and in great condition.

It’s been washed, dried, and is ready to wear tomorrow in all its khaki glory!

– Alice


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