Auf Wiedersehen* to You, and You, and You

When my work week turns into six days versus the typical five,  I try to take advantage of my one day off and spend it relaxing in or around the home. It makes me feel like I have more time than I really do and allows me to “reset” in preparation for the week ahead.

Relaxing at home this Saturday quickly turned into a MASSIVE purge of my closet. As good as I am about my “purchase one, donate one”method there are definitely items I have bought and never worn or only put on once and wasn’t a fan. These items are almost always a thrift store find.

I started with my clothes and the following pieces didn’t make the cut: three t-shirts, two bathing suits, two tank tops, a maxi skirt, a pocketed silk skirt, a summer dress, and a tan linen blazer.

Au Revoir!

It was easy to say goodbye to this haul and there was only one item that I had bought on an impulse and have never worn.

Shoes were the easiest items to go through since I don’t own too many! I have been wearing my regular flats and sandals all summer so decided it was time to move on: one pair of casual cloth flat sandals, pointed toe kitten heels in Tiffany blue, open toed small wedge dress shoes in black, and two pairs of high wedge sandals (one with a sling back and one open back).



Next I moved on to my bags. I have an over abundance and wanted to clear up some shelf space so sadly bid farewell to: a woven beach bag, a faux leather shoulder purse, two wallets, a sequined clutch, and a Vera Bradley tote.



The hardest collection to sort through was my jewelry. I have an attraction to all things shiny and it has created a bit of a problem for my jewelry box! I have overflowed into two other containers and realized that there are many pieces I bought on a whim and don’t realistically wear. This was by far the longest part of my process and pained me the most to part with: 11 necklaces, 3 bracelet , 4 rings, 3 brooches, and 3 pairs of earrings.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Auf Wiedersehen!

I know these now donated items will find good homes and my closet (and mind) feel much lighter!

– Alice

* Thank you Heidi Klum/”Project Runway” for bringing this phrase into my life and to Google for teaching me how to spell it correctly! I was WAY off…


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