Get Out The Way

Finding the time to work out is hard, never mind maintaining a consistent workout routine.  But once in a blue moon the stars align. I found classes where the gym is easily accessible between work and home, the monthly membership cost is actually reasonable and not in the triple digits, the class times are right after work instead of 4:30  or way later like 7:30 AND I actually like the class offerings.  Not only do I have this exercise dream come true, but it works with Alice’s schedule too.  The gym buddy system is serious motivator.  Alice and I have been hitting a class two to three days a week for about ten months or so and going strong.  Now of course the occasional business trip, out of town wedding, holidays, life, it can get in the way, but we have been more or less pretty consistent and I’m pretty proud of us.

Also just want to give a shoutout to my fave Kardashian, Khole and all her hard work at the gym.  Totally jealous of your  exercise wardrobe.  I only have a drawer dedicated to my workout clothes, a closet is on the dream list.  Another motivator is feeling comfortable in my workout clothes.  Thanks TJ Maxx and Marshalls for always have a trendy, affordable variety #fabfound #maxxlife #contest.

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Anyways, so we have a time, place, class, gym buddies. Amazing.  Or so I thought.  I have never factored a gym’s clientele into my decision to join but apparently I should have.  The first few classes, Alice and I just put our equipment down where ever we found an open spot.  After a few weeks, we noticed who the regulars were, we got into our own groove and gravitated toward a “usual spot” on the floor.  Now we make small talk with some of the the ladies before class starts.  Over the last few months, Alice and I noticed an air of entitlement among our classmates as we chit chatted.  Complaining about their luxury cars or how difficult it is to get down to their second summer homes, talking about their kids.  So where we are the younger side of this group, childless and student affairs professionals #studentaffairs #highereducation that we are, we don’t totally relate but this doesn’t matter to us.  This gym is located in an affluent suburb so we figure it is just the nature of the location. NBD. Right? Wrong.

Last week, Alice and I are standing by our steps, getting our weights ready, recapping our work days.  We noticed a new woman who had never been to class before was set up in front of us.  The room is filling up with regulars and some occasional class goers, nothing out of the ordinary.  We are about to get started when a regular, let’s call her Maxine, walks up to this new woman and asks her if she plans to stay for class.  Alice and I are totally eavesdropping and trying not to stare directly at this interaction.

Now, background info, Maxine likes to be in the front left corner.  I made the mistake of “taking Maxine’s spot” one day and boy did I regret it.  She approached me, pitched a fit, saying, rather loudly and angrily she gets to class 20 minutes early so she can be in the front.  I just apologized and slid my stuff to the other open area in front.  I gave her plenty of side eye when I moved. There was plenty of room, very few people had arrived yet, my work schedule allows me to get to class about five minutes early, so she was clearly not twenty minutes early on this particular day since she came in after me. I just couldn’t believe she actually, very rudely demanded that I move.

So he we are again a couple months later, Maxine asked this woman if she was planning to stay for class…. Of course she was staying for class, what else would she be doing waiting in a room with people all there for class?  The woman just looked at her uncomfortably and said yes, she was trying the class out.  Maureen asked this woman to move or leave because she wanted to have “her spot”. Seriously.  The woman looked around the room and said I think I’ll stay here and smiled and shrugged (which is what I should have done).  Maureen set up her equipment behind me (plenty of room btw) and pouted throughout the entire class.  In between sets she walked up to other women and pointed to the new woman in front.  I gather the way the other women are placating her that Maxine’s attitude and behavior and given our past encounter that this is just an accepted norm at this gym.

I like the consistency of working out in the same area too, but sometimes someone beats me to it.  As long as I get a spot somewhere in the classroom, I am glad to be getting a decent workout in.  I just don’t even know what to think about this.  But also kinda feel bad that a gym floor spot gets Maxine this riled up. There are other things in life to get worked up over, I personally don’t think this is one of them.  My take away from all this, don’t be afraid to be a little assertive if the situation warrants it.  The new woman handled Maxine’s rudeness so gracefully.  She was friendly, gave a quick definitive response, held her ground in a situation where she was 100% right, no further scene was caused.  I need to take a page out of her book next time.

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