Picture Day

I have to say middle school ruined picture day for me. The faded primary colored backgrounds and plastic comb each of us was handed to “style” our hair has left a bad taste in my mouth that I can’t seem to shake. As an adult one of the benefits should be that you can avoid any mandated pictures. This is why the #selfie was invented! I can choose what angle, lighting, filter (thanks Instagram!) and mood I am in to snap a pic and post for the world to see.

Unfortunately, even as an adult, picture day still exists in the form of staff ID’s and website updates. After being asked to showcase our faces alongside our names for outside inquirers, one of my colleague’s came around today and announced that he would be taking pictures and wanted to get them done THIS afternoon. Hold it there, buddy! I am NOT prepared.

Luckily, I was not the only person to immediately run down the reasons for needing advance notice: “my hair isn’t done, I need to bring my makeup bag, I should be wearing black, can someone bring in a can of communal hair spray?” Our protests were met quickly with a scheduled time – tomorrow at noon.

This gave me 4 solid hours post work and pre bed to determine what I will be wearing. I went home and immediately raided my closet for something comfortable and slimming (oh, and clean because my dirty laundry pile has gotten abnormally large). Along with these qualifiers I also kept in mind that our portraits would be from the chest up and I would strategically place myself in the back row of any group shots.

Here are my three choices:


This dress hugs my curves in all the right places!

This dress hugs my curves in all the right places!

This black t-shirt style dress is a Kohl’s find from a few months ago and was around $10 on sale. Does anyone else feel that everything at Kohl’s seems to be on sale all the time? Not complaining!

I would pair this dress with a chunky necklace to contrast the high neck. Something like either of these:

Warm tones for summer

  Warm tones for summer.

Cooling it down with these hues

Cooling it down with slate hues.


Coral is a go to color for me!

Coral is a go to color for me!

This coral palm graphic tank blouse is from Marshall’s and was in the $20-$25 range. I love the print and have paired it with various colored skirts and pants (grey, black, white, yellow). I would combine with a maroon A-line skirt and a simple necklace such as:

One of  my most treasured pieces from my grandmother

One of my most treasured pieces from my grandmother.


Old faithful.

Old faithful.

I have owned this dress since 2008 (courtesy of Dress Barn – $40) and it hasn’t let me down yet. It is a beautiful teal/kelly green and the textured neckline is simply cheerful. I wouldn’t pair with a necklace so the dress can speak for itself but would consider these earrings:

 A Lia Sophia raffle win (top) and pearls from India (bottom).

A Lia Sophia raffle win (top) and pearls from India (bottom).

All three outfits are ready to go for tomorrow morning’s game day decision. Hair and makeup are day-of choices  and will be solely determined by how much time I give myself in the morning to get ready!

I will keep you posted on which outfit makes it to picture day, but would love to know: Which would you choose and why?

– Alice


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