Shut Up & Run With Me

I am not a born runner and as my gal pal, Mindy Kaling, says:

My girl keepin’ it REAL!

Over the past few years I have worked up my excercise routine to include the occasional 2-2.5 mile run/jog and have one official 5K race under my belt. This year, in a moment of spontaneity, I decided to tackle my white whale of running – the half marathon. Call me Ishmael!

In January I signed up for a race being held in RI this Fall and happily kept up with my occasional 2-2.5 mile runs through the winter knowing that I had plenty of time. How it ended up being 12 weeks before race day so quickly is BEYOND me but as of mid – July I had to get my butt in gear.

I am on week three of my Hal Higdon training schedule and on today’s regimen: A 3.5 mile run + strength.

After staff pictures I changed into my work out gear and mapped out a local route.

See Alice Run

See Alice Run 🙂

There are some great options near me so I chose one that gets me back to the office in one big loop with a few hills to get those legs burning.

Lately I have been changing the lyrics of songs to fit the mental state I am in when running. Walk The Moon’s summer hit “Shut Up and Dance With Me” has the perfect blend of rhythm and pep and I can easily replace “dance” with “run” to keep myself going.

Other songs I thoroughly enjoy: One Republic, “Love Runs Out”. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, “Can’t Hold Us”. Ciara, “1, 2 Step”. Sheppard, “Geronimo”.

I was out and back in 40 minutes and happy to enjoy the last 20 minutes of my lunch hour. The great thing about working in a small department is that we become familial so when my colleague comes up the stairs and sees this:

Giving these babies a rest!

Giving these babies a rest!

He understands the struggle and doesn’t inquire into what I am doing.

The 2nd half of today’s regime (strength) will be taken care of through the lifting class that Joy and I do together though tonight I will be going solo as Joy is off on an adventure.

OK now back to work I go…

– Alice


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