I’m Sorry, What?

I had two WTH moments last week.  One kinda rude moment, one wicked awesome moment.

On my way home from work I stopped by my usual gas station.  There is a local autobody/gas station near by which I prefer because it’s in a safer spot on the main road, minimal pedestrians walking through the lot, full service, and I see the same employees on a regular basis.  I have a long commute so I am usually stopping in at least twice a week.  While I am being waited on I make small talk with the attendant, I am pretty sure the attendant I usually see is the owner or related to the owners.  I pulled in last week and see that there is a sign explaining that the gas station is now self serve.  I am a little surprised, but very accustomed to pumping my own gas so I don’t really care about the change, thinking it is less expensive this way for the business owner rather than employing staff members.  I walk into the cashier and see the usual attendant.  He is leaning back on a stool, fiddling with his phone.  I cheerfully greet him and ask what prompted the change.  He looks up and says “what do you want?” A little shocked by his tone and his inquiry – it’s not a convenient store, I am obviously getting gas. I brushed it off and said “$20 on pump five please.”  He grabs the $20 out of my hand and starts to ring me in.  I turn and walk out, I guessed pleasantries are no longer part of his job.  As I walked out he yells “pull forward since the other guy in front of you is about to drive away.”  

I was stunned.  I turned around and gave him a less than pleased look and walked out.  I followed proper gas station etiquette when I pulled in, but it’s not my fault that the customer in front of me was wrapping up as I was purchasing my gas.  I was certainly not waiting for the other customer to leave before I pumped my gas.  I waited a minute in front of the pump I pulled in next to and then the signal came out that he rung the gas in on the pump I was in front of. Another car pulled right in from the other side without any issue and I was able to go around that customer when I was done.  Seriously.    

Blog pic2Things turned around on Friday though.  I went out with a few friends to celebrate a couple of summer birthdays.  To celebrate we got cocktails and dessert at a fancy restaurant in the Seaport.  We were certainly gracious customers, we had a great waitress who was very friendly but were not out of the ordinary friendly.  We also didn’t order dinner and we sat down at our table with the drinks we ordered at the bar and did not order more once at the table.  In other words, we were not big spending customers.  We enjoyed our sweets and instead of bringing a bill, the waitress said dessert was on her.  We were all stunned at this generosity and left a tip to show our appreciation.  Maybe they always kick in dessert for guests celebrating birthdays?  Regardless this surprise really made our night.

Did you have any WTH moments recently? Comment or tweet me at @joyattardo or Alice and I at @ahigheraffair

Talk soon,



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