Contour, Highlights, and Blending …Oh My!

Ever since my sister first plucked and filled my eyebrows at the age of 15 I have developed a love for makeup and exploring different trends.

While the art of contouring* has been around for a few years and made ultra popular by the make up artists and the Kardashians, I have never really given it a try… until last night.

I was overcome with the urge to make myself a contouring queen and before I knew it I had watched three separate tutorials and found myself at CVS purchasing makeup I had never heard. The cashier ringing me up shared my grimace as the dollars racked up just over the triple digits! I said a prayer that this would all turn out and reminded myself that makeup is an investment. Right?

Here was my haul:

Product lines: Revlon, Rimmell, and Cover Girl

Product lines: Revlon, Rimmel, and Covergirl.

All together I had purchased the following:

RimmelStay Matte Foundation:HERE
Covergirl Fix Stick Concealer: Dark: HERE
Rimmel Stay Matter Powder: HERE
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer: Fair: HERE
Revlon Highlighting Palette: Bronze Glow
Revlon Photoready Skinlights: Peach Light HERE
This was the contribution from my makeup stash:
Product lines: Loreal and Revlon.

Product lines: Loreal and Revlon.

It included two lip liners, eye liner, lip gloss, mineral powder, and chapstick.

Here is a picture of me sans makeup for reference. Ignore the bee-hive up do – I needed the hair out of my face and threw it into a clip:

Alice au natural!

Alice au natural!

I first applied the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation to my face and got to work on my dark contour lines. I was disappointed that the Covergirl Fix Stick Concealer wasn’t as dark as in the videos I had seen. If you look closely you can see the line along my cheek bone and on the side of my nose:

Hard to see contour lines & obligatory pouty face.

Hard to see contour lines & obligatory pouty face.

After blending it in, I put the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer on just as the tutorials had shown me:
Highlights for days!

Highlights for days!

One thing I learned quickly – make sure that you are putting this makeup on with a consistent source of natural light! My contouring adventure began around 7:30pm last night and I was losing daylight so it became hard to judge how much of which cream/powder to apply.

I blended the highlights into my face and then went over it entirely with my foundation brush to ensure there weren’t any harsh distinctions:

Full blend.

Full blend.

Overall I was pleased with the techniques and went into the bathroom to finish my lips and eyes to get the total effect.  Here is the big reveal:

Contour complete!

Contour complete!

Some side action!

Side action.

Not too shabby for my first try 🙂 #nofilter #florecentbathroom
Was it worth the dollars? The jury is still out. It definitely felt like I had makeup on and Gear didn’t know what to make of it all when he saw me during the application process! I am not sure I will make contouring a part of my daily routine but certainly will use for special occasions.
Luckily, Gear and I have 4 weddings coming up (starting this weekend) so I will be able to hone my skills. Overall I am just glad I didn’t end up looking like Amy Schumer’s clowny countor sister:
One thing I do know, beauty is certainly more than skin deep and confidence is key!
*Contouring your face helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin.

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