Hold on to your Butts… It’s Wedding Season!

Being a late twenty-something comes with many life changes, including (but not limited to) the nuptials of friends and family. There has been a definite ebb and flow to the engagements, weddings (and babies) and I LOVE love so always look forward to celebrating these big milestones.

The joke is on me however, as Gear and I have 5 weddings this season on the docket: July, August, September, October, and November. Exhausted just reading that, right?

The first were our good friends, Jackie and Jess, whose love for each other and Independence Day runs so deep that they hosted their mid-day celebration in Boston, MA on July 4th. I decided to whip out my extensions for the occasion and though they are dark auburn in color I have managed, over the years, to incorporate them into my own hair for an ombre affect:

Never underestimate the power of great hair extensions!

Never underestimate the power of great hair extensions 🙂

With my outfit I decided to take advantage of the holiday and went with my spin on red, white, and blue:

Patriotic & ready to party!

Patriotic & ready to party!

This  cerulean blue dress was a $20 Marshall’s find that I accessorized with a cream colored patent leather belt from Saver’s ($2) and a chunky coral and pink necklace ( $0 – a gift from my niece for my birthday)!

Wedding 2/5 was this past weekend in Jackson, NH. Our friends, Allison and Nick, chose the scenic White Mountains for their evening festivities. I take all factors (time of day, location, theme, etc.) into account when choosing my wedding attire and knew exactly which dress I would be wearing:

I find lace so luxurious!

I find lace so luxurious!

This Adrianna Papell navy blue & rose lace dress was a Lord & Taylor purchase (courtesy of Gear) for a swanky dinner he treated us to in celebration of a work promotion (his). I am obsessed with this dress and was excited to pull it out for this wedding. Also, not having to hunt for a dress or make a purchase is a HUGE plus!

This dress also eliminates the need for a necklace as the neckline is adorned with black and rose colored jewels:

The dress has a rose silk underlay with an intricate navy lace overlay.

The dress has a rose silk underlay with an intricate navy lace overlay.

With three bold colors already incorporated into the dress itself, I kept my earrings and rings simple in color:

Crystal beauties!

Crystal beauties!

Ring bling.

Ring bling.

The earrings were a $4 consignment shop purchase and my rings were my rose colored index finger ring from NOLA and an emerald cut crystal ring that was my grandmothers.

I also went with my trusty Franco Sarto heels that played off the black jewels in the neckline:

Franco Sarto wins again!

Franco Sarto wins again!

Here is the overall look:

The look.

The look.

The lighting wasn’t working in my favor so I snapped a few more in my favorite spot (the bathroom) at the venue:

Let's talk lace!

Let’s talk lace!

I had debated throwing in my extensions but opted to go au natural:

Short hair, don't care :)

Short hair, don’t care 🙂

I am sure glad I did as the humidity got the best of my curls shortly into the reception!

With two weddings down and three to go to I am already scouring my closet for outfit #3. It’s a mid-September ceremony in a rustic barn… I am thinking warm tones and a structured fit.

Keep a look out for more wedding buzz and good luck to those of you who are in the same boat. And remember, it could be worse…

You could be a bridesmaid…



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