What’s For Dinner?

Pintrest is a fabulous platform for finding new ideas.  I use Pintrest for fashion where you will find boards for everyday work attire, casual Friday outfits, styles appropriate for office parties, and nail polish ideas any career woman can pull off.

Aside from Pinning all my fave fashion finds, I search Pintrest every Sunday before I make my grocery list and look for delicious recipes.  In some cases, Pintrest has given me a false sense of confidence in the kitchen.  Other times it actually works out.  As a rule of thumb, I avoid recipes with ingredients that I have to Google.  If I don’t know what it is, it means one or more of the following: it is probably a really expensive item sold in tiny quantities, it is inexpensive but sold in bulk quantities, I will never use it again, or I will have to venture to Whole Foods or a specialty store for it.

This weekend I got creative with spaghetti squash and oreos.  Don’t worry, not together.  I was on the hunt for a creative baby shower dessert and healthy meals for the week.  


I love spaghetti squash but one little squash makes sooooo much. So much comes out of one squash that I quickly tire of the entree I made because it will last me for a whole week of lunch AND dinner.  This week I spread one spaghetti squash over three different recipes.  This took a little adjustment of ingredient quantity on my end but fortunately the math was not too difficult for the novice (terrible) cook that I am.  I started by cutting the squash in half, scrapped out the seeds, then baked for an hour on 350.


See?! Sooooo much squash!

Recipe #1: Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms Parmesan 

Mushrooms are relatively new veggie for me in the past year.  I really don’t know what to do with mushrooms so I was pumped when I found this recipe.  I went with portabella mushrooms because I can buy those by the pound instead of the giant box of button mushrooms.  Same problem as spaghetti squash, I love button mushrooms but I never seem to see the bottom of the container.  Please don’t let the picture deceive you, it was quite tasty but my display doesn’t compare to the Pintrest visual.  


Portabella mushroom sauteed in olive oil and garlic


Recipe #2: Spaghetti and Meatballs

This one is my own “creation,” if you can call spaghetti and meatballs a creation.  Not the most complicated but an all time favorite classic in my house.  Usually the freezer is stocked with homemade meatballs and sauce, but I cooked that a couple of weeks ago.  So forgive the frozen meatballs and jar sauce but it worked for this go around and hopefully my mom whips up another batch of her amazing meatballs and sauce soon.  Definitely not ready to try that on my own.


Recipe #3: Pizza

I cannot believe it worked and how delicious this came out.  This was a really ambitious recipe for me.  I was a little nervous about breaking out unfamiliar equipment, the food processor has not been my friend in the past.  And anytime I open the bag of flour it looks like a dusting of snow fell on my shirt.  It was a little time consuming so my weeknight pizza craving will have to be put on hold until the weekend, but it was worth the effort.  


Spaghetti squash pizza dough


Turkey pepperoni pizza

Recipe #4: Chocolate Covered Oreos

The mother to be has some pretty specific dietary restrictions but I know oreos are one of her approved dessert items.  I wanted to mix things up a bit and a couple bags of melting chocolates and decorative candies later, I ended up with a pretty fancy looking dessert plate.  This was my first attempt at a double boiler so I was really worried about botching it.  Of course I Googled first. The page cautioned several times against getting water in the chocolate.  This was mentioned so many times that I thought the boiling water was going to leap out of the pot and jump into my chocolate and destroy my dessert.  I spilled chocolate all over the kitchen.  It didn’t occur to me to move the cooling rack closer to the stove top.  Otherwise, this was a really successful dessert experience.

Double Boiler



Beefing up my cooking skills (haha pun intended) is super necessary because I cannot live off Cheerios, cheese plates, wine, and ice cream.  Please send me any recipes even a newcomer to the kitchen can’t botch.

Talk soon,



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