Breton Stripes & Braids

Breton Stripes* are a classic style that have never faded from the fashion arena and will be making a strong appearance this fall.

Unfortunately, I had once fallen prey to the mantra that my body should steer clear of this look as it would only showcase how “wide and stumpy” my frame is. Thank goodness I quickly came to my senses and allowed my love of stripes to overcome the nay-sayers. #byefelicia #effyourbeautystandards.

Today’s look pays homage to the Breton stripe with a Vince Camuto pull-on pencil skirt that I paired with a grey jersey tank top and white sheer cutouts by Kim & Cami.


Curved lines.

To spotlight the racer style design in my top I chose to wear my hair back in a low chignon with two braids framing the sides. Never underestimate a good braid. It adds instant texture and depth to any style and helps keep hair in its place!

Up close & Personal

Up close & Personal

I have another black & white striped dress that is perfect for fall and will be making its own appearance in a few weeks.

Until then, stripe on!


*Originally created to help sailors spot one another while out at sea. Dark horizontal lines, usually no more than an inch wide, on a base of white or cream. 

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