Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This is a Public Service Announcement: I do have a bottom half!

My search for a full-length mirror came to an end last night at one of my favorite places: HomeGoods. It should be a crime for this store to be within minutes from my house.

Homegoods & I have a standing weekly appointment. NBD.

Homegoods & I have a standing weekly appointment. NBD.

In an effort to not bankrupt myself, I avoided the furniture, art, and lamps and went straight to the mirrors to do some digging.

Too many choices!

Mirrors galore!

It didn’t take long to find a 6′ solid wood framed mirror that was under $100 (my budget). A helpful HomeGoods employee went to grab a flat-bed while I was left to wander through the throw pillows on my way to check-out. Some things I wanted to buy instantly saw:

Taking pillow talk to a whole new level!

My kind of pillow talk.

Gear helped me bring the mirror up to our room and I found it a home with some minor adjustments.

Fits right in.

Snug as a bug.

If you look closely you can see our older cat, Mulder, silently judging me as I tilted and  re-tilted the mirror on that one wall for a solid 10 minutes.

Full legs in leggings!

Full legs in leggings.

I can kiss the salmon colored walls of my office bathroom goodbye and give you guys the full effect from here on out!



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