Hey, Mr. DJ

Some may think that a 40 minute commute is outrageously long, but for me it’s very doable, especially when I have my go to radio stations to get me through the construction zones, unnecessary traffic jams, and days when I hit every.single.red light.

My morning station has always been and will continue to be Kiss 108 (technically 107.9). It’s THE station to listen to for pop music and has a huge following thanks to the hilarity that is the “Matty in the Morning” show. This AM talk show keeps me fully entertained every morning without fail.

The afternoon commute is a toss-up for me. Talk shows are few and far between and I just want to zone out after a long day of work. Today I bounced around and landed on Magic 106.7, which mixes the latest pop hits with anthems from the 80’s and 90’s and 00’s.

Here was the truly magical (see what I did there!) line-up on today’s commute home:

  • Wilson Phillips, “Hold On”, released in 1990
  • Pink, “One Last Kiss”, released in 2012
  • The Outfields, “Your Love”, released in 1985
  • Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand Miles”, released in 2001
  • Rihanna, “Only Girl”, released in 2010
  • Rachel Platten, “Fight Song”, released in 2015

With such a stellar line up you can’t blame me for rocking out in my car. This is what I am SURE I looked like:

Dancing Girl animated GIF

What fellow cars must have witnessed (given the looks I got):

Dancing Car animated GIF

One thing is for sure – music can make or break your commute. Oh, and haters gonna hate. You just shake, shake, shake it off!



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