Go Team Go!

Grab your pom poms and foam fingers and head down to the football field, It’s homecoming season!  I love seeing people take pride in their school and show their school spirit.  Homecoming is a weekend of hanging out with friends, hilarious photo moments, and bonding with classmates and alumni.  Sure, the big football game is the main event but Homecoming has something for everyone: tailgating, affinity group meetups, campus tours, other teams besides the football team also have games.

So why make the trip back to your alma mater?


Show support and get involved with your community.  There are sooooo many ways to give back to your college community.  Returning to campus as an alum gives you the chance to strut your stuff a bit.  Show current students what you are up to these days. Passing on your wisdom to current students while you chit chat in a football stadium between plays and snack on finger foods is a really fun and relaxing way to help a young, eager, rising professional get a leg up.  Let students know you would be available to have them shadow you at work or review their resumes.  If you’re comfortable to share business cards, the truly motivated and driven students will follow up and take you up on your offer.  Guiding students from your alma mater down a successful career path a very kind act and it can help your employer/industry recruit quality talent from your college or university.

Networking.  While homecoming brings current students and alumni together, it is also a time for you to connect with your peers and leverage your alumni network for your own advantage.  Are you ready to make a career change? Looking to move up and out of your current employer? Toying with the idea of grad school?  Loving your work life?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, make the effort to go to homecoming. Your peers and fellow alumni are people you already share a common bond with so you should strengthen your community and professional ties with them.  You never know where a connection could lead.

Themed outfit.  Almost anything goes at Homecoming as long as you sport your school colors.  It’s the only other reason to dress up in a costume or crazy outfit other than halloween.  The costume theme at homecoming is school pride.  Go crazy and break out the body paint or keep it cute and casual with a t-shirt from the book store.        

Reconnect with your besties.  Getting together on regular basis with your roommates and core group of college friends can be hard, especially if people spread out after graduation.  Homecoming gives you and your friends a set date/weekend to plan around which helps with narrowing down a good time to get together.  Reminiscing, looking back at all the fun you had together reminds you why you all became friends in the first place.  Homecoming is also a good time to update the silly pics.  Sure, you have the typical pics of you and your pals sharing apps and wine at restaurants, the group photos at weddings.  But you haven’t taken any crazy, laughing out loud in silly outfit pics since before graduation.  Update the Facebook album this weekend.  

Random reconnecting. Homecoming sets the scene to catch up with those random people you kinda forgot about (unless they are aggressive social media posters and are always in your feeds so you know every detail of the life they portray online.)  You know, those people you were “class friends” with but not real friends.  You sat next to each other for a whole semester but never actually saw each other outside of class.  The classmates who were always in the cafe when you ate or liked the same study spot in the library as you but you never really talked beyond than the perfunctory “thanks” when you held the door for each other.  Catching up with these people is so much fun and kinda awkward (in a funny way) because you probably have nothing in common which is why you never became real friends in the first place.

If your friends are as fabulous as mine I hope you at least get to see each other at homecoming if not every month like us.  ❤ Tweet us your homecoming pics!


Talk soon,



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