We’re In Business

Not one to stray away from a promotional opportunity, a few weeks ago I told an Ann Taylor manager that I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger and that their store is one of my favorite spots to gain inspiration from beautiful pieces at fair prices. All was going well in my “pitch” when she asked the dreaded question…. “Do you have a card?”

OF COURSE I didn’t have a card. I scrambled for a piece of paper to write down our website (at the very least). The woman seemed understanding but I can tell you I wouldn’t have been very impressed by a measly scrap of paper.

This is what a former boss of mine would call a “teachable moment”. I quickly researched the benefits of having business cards and this is what I found, courtesy of Blogger Clarity:

Conferences: Exchanging business cards with other bloggers at a blog conference gives bloggers a little something to remember you by. And don’t forget handing your business cards to all those brands you may want to work with.

Local networking events: Whether you’re looking for brands to partner with or just went for a learning experience (like a seminar), local networking events are the perfect place to pass out those fab cards of yours.

Mail with giveaway prize: While you probably don’t mail prizes directly to your readers often, you may have to at some point. Dropping in a business card adds a nice personal touch. Awwww, that’s sweet.

A surprise opportunity: You never know when you may meet someone you’d like to talk with again. A cool mom at the park, a business owner who happens to want to start a blogger outreach, a person you just met who happens to be a blogger. Give them your card!

That very night Joy and I went on Vista Print* and within an hour had designed and purchased our first batch of business cards. Thanks to a promo code we received 500 cards for $25(including shipping)!

They arrived last night and we are stoked with how they came out:


The front.


The back.

Joy and I are now fully stocked and prepared to whip these babies out whenever an opportunity presents itself!

Have you experienced a similar non-business card interaction or have other tips on what to keep in your blog tool kit? Tweet us your thoughts at @gingercouture1 or @joyattardo.


*Vista Print is a company that produces marketing materials and promotional items through mass customization and web-to-print systems.


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