Curse of the Big Purse

Size matters.  Especially when it comes to purses!  I love handbags and appreciate the quality and design of high end labels.   I tend to spend my money on clothing try to invest in classic handbags that will remain stylish and durable for a couple of years.

Whenever I am ready for a new bag it usually takes me a couple of months to commit.  When it comes to my everyday purse I have a few several requirements:

  1. My iPad must fit comfortably without taking up the entire bag
  2. Room for my wallet/wristlet
  3. Space for my “just in case” toiletries
  4. Must fit a water bottle
  5. A place for eyeglass AND sunglass cases
  6. Easily accessible phone pouch AND zip pocket
  7. Must comfortably hang off my shoulder AND on my forearm without hanging too low
  8. Extra room for those days I need to bring additional stuff with me

Reasonable right?

Last year I treated myself to a Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday sale.   

Image-1-2 (1)

Exclusive herringbone print lining (came with matching dust bag) and detachable zip pouch – perfect for my “just in case” toiletries!

I LOVE this bag.  I keep my purse on my front seat of car and in my bottom desk drawer at work.  The structure keeps the bag upright so it is not spilling all over the place and the open top makes it so easy to grab anything I need during my commute or if I need to quickly grab something during the day.     

The texture and gold zipper detail stood out to me over the traditional leather totes and it holds true the classic style that I like.  I can easily scoop the bag up with my forearm through the tote handles and the adjustable strap lets the bag hang in a comfortable spot under my arm.

So the curse of being a large purse carrier: I quickly accumulate stuff I don’t need but forget to put it away and I easily loose stuff right under my nose.  When leaving the mall today, as I walked to my car, I reached for my keys in my usual spot – the zip pocket.  I didn’t feel them so I start digging deeper and moving stuff around with my free hand (shopping bags in the other.)  I’m standing by car still rummaging.  I panic a little and try to remember if I left them on a store counter.  I drop my shopping bags and start emptying the contents of my purse all over the ground.  That’s when I realize I was holding my keys in my shopping bag hand the whole time.  I must have grabbed my keys when I finished my transaction.  Ignoring the stares as I picked up my belongings and headed on my way…. wishing I could say this was the first time this happened.

What is your go to day-time bag?

Talk soon,



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