My little piece of Florence

One benefit of your parents traveling to incredible destinations all over the world (aside from constantly inspiring their children to never stop exploring) is that they almost always come back with souvenirs.

Like a fine wine, the gifts get better with age. They evolve from the classic t-shirt and figurines (which now go to the grandchildren) to unique jewelry, spices, and clothing.

Their latest trip to Croatia, Venice, Pompeii, Versailles, and Florence (trip of a lifetime right!?) brought back this hand-made italian fleece poncho. Whaaaaaat?!

My Darling!

That collar. To.Die.For

Ponchos are very on trend this season and if anyone knows fashion, is Italy. I wanted to wear her immediately, but the weather these past few weeks has not been cooperative so I patiently waited…until day.

It’s 50 degrees and chilly – the PERFECT day to break in my little piece of Florence. I took some liberties with “casual Friday”, and paired the poncho with a long sleeve shirt, simple black leggings and my brown mid-calf riding boots by Naturalizer.

Nothing says "casual" like a messy bun. No judgement. It's all about the poncho afterall.

Enjoy that messy bun. Afterall,  it’s all about the poncho.

My office has been warned: this poncho will be making frequent appearances throughout the fall and winter!



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