Confessions of a Hairdresser

So my big adventure to try the “rose gold” hue started off innocently enough. I had the day off and was excited to go to my favorite spot, LiShay Hair Design. I am lucky enough to be dear friends with the owners (and sisters), Lindsey and Shay, and while we have fun outside of work, it is always a treat to catch up while I get a new ‘do!

Shay and Lindsey – owners of LiShay Hair Design!

Lindsey has been my friend/hair stylist for many years so we are very open with each other when it comes to trying out to a new hue. She knew what I wanted to do when I came in, but gave me the low down on the pastel coloring trend.

To get that beautiful and light color (whether it be lilac, turquoise, or rose) they take a regular permanent color and dilute it down with conditioner. The amount of actual color in the mix is miniscule compared to the conditioner mixed in. While it delivers on the desired effect, it doesn’t last more than a few weeks. No. Thank you.

I am all for trying out new trends, but this girl is on a BUDGET. I opted to keep my rose gold aspirations to Pinterest and let Lindsey play around with some reds that will last well into the fall/winter season.


Pre-cut and pre- dye! Copper gold was the base color.

As always, Lindsey worked her magic and the final result was a beautifully rich and vibrant auburn. As an experiment, she put in some rose gold highlights so I could see how quickly they would fade.


Just call me “Cinnamon” .

True to her confession, its been a week and a half and the rose gold is no more. Luckily, my hair still looks fabulous!



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