Primetime Polish Up: Episode 111 – Theater District

The Primetime Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

Not only did Thanksgiving kick off my holiday celebrations, I saw Elf the Musical at the Wang Theater.  I went with simple celebratory colors this week.  OPI Baring It All, Essie Hors D’Oeuvres, Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters.IMG_1255
Elf the Broadway Musical was magical!  Elf is one of the seasonal movies I break out every year, I was so excited to catch the live action adaptation.  Mr. Norwall made an appearance and the storyline was very similar to the movie.  A few minor changes, but it made the story line flow better on the stage vs. the silver screen.  The dancing and the scenery was beautiful and incredibly detailed.  If you are looking for a holiday activity with your gal pals, I highly recommend Elf the Broadway Musical and stopping by the W hotel lounge for a glass of prosecco!


The I’m not shopping on Black Friday Guide

Black Friday shopping has never been my thing.  And for someone who prides herself on her bargain shopping deals you would think I would employ a better strategy on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.   This shopping day really stresses me out.  The racks are all picked over, too many sales to figure out what sale applies to what and minimum purchase stipulations.  No thank you.  Here is a list of 20 things better than Black Friday shopping.

  1. Binge on a TV show.  If you’re looking for something new but worried about a commitment, try the new mini series Flesh and Bone on Starz.  The entire season is available on demand.   Center Stage meets Save the Last Dance meets Black Swan (but way more Black Swan).
  2. Student affairs professionals are ALWAYS complaining they don’t have time to read for pleasure.  Now you do.  Book Bub  is an awesome site that lets you download FREE or DISCOUNTED books to your preferred e-reading platform.  (Does this count as Black Friday shopping?)
  3. Catch a Netflix documentary.  I have tons of documentaries sitting in my queue that I never sit down to watch because I am always catching up on my Prime Time shows.  We have all weekend for that, watch something outside the box.
  4. Cull out your email accounts.  Don’t respond to work emails.  Cleaning up, getting stuff into folders, deleting the crap from your inbox will lead to a very productive Monday.
  5. Plan out your holiday party outfits.  We have lots of good ideas on our Party Time Pintrest Board.
  6. Clean out and reorganize your closet, armoire, nightstand, desk.  If you haven’t worn it, or thought about it in a year, get rid of it.
  7. Update and organize your Pintrest page.  Do you need ideas for work outfits? Home decor? Cooking?
  8. Have your friends over a Friendsgiving brunch.
  9. Clean out your car.  Get the reusable shopping bags off the floor, carry the collection of hoodies inside.  Take a run through the car wash and run that industrial vacuum over the carpets.
  10. If you’re in the Boston area go for a walk around the city, it’s going to be in the 60s! Take advantage!
  11. Decorate for the December holidays or make a list for all the craft supplies you need for all your Pintrest holiday decorating projects.
  12. Do a local search for upcoming charitable events or find ways you an give back this holiday season.
  13. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.  You don’t have to be in job search mode.  Having your resume ready to go in case you need it sooner than you anticipated could you save you a lot of time later down the road.  It’s always a good idea to have your LinkedIn as current as possible.
  14. Go find a yoga class, a spin class, a kick boxing class.  Don’t start a whole new workout routine or anything crazy.  Most places have a drop-in fee for one class.  Or better yet, a free test pass for potential new members.  Again, I’m not saying join a new gym,  but you have the day off, an hour of exercise won’t hurt.
  15. Keep up the Thanksgiving part of the weekend.  All the Thanksgiving edible arrangements and flowers will be on sale.  Send your Thanksgiving hostess with the mostess a thank you gift.
  16. Set your holiday spending budget.  I know, boring and stressful.  A young professional’s financial health is really important.  It’s okay if you’re breaking out the credit card for presents, but at least have a sense of what you are spending and keep yourself in check so paying it off won’t be so burdensome.
  17. Update your playlists.  That one list you always go to when you go for a run is probably getting old.
  18. Mix it up and rearrange your bedroom or living room.
  19. Make some plans.  Find some new restaurants or activities to do with your friends on Groupon or Living Social.
  20. Treat yo self.  Give yourself a mani/pedi.  Soften the ends of that heat treated hair with some coconut oil.  Rejuvenate your skin with a face mask.

Safe travels if you are braving the shopping madness.  Tweet at me or comment here if you are staying in.  #1, 9, and 20 on my to do list!

Talk soon,



Thanksgiving Pants

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   I hope you have your grateful hats on.  This is a day to really pause and think about our blessings and appreciate our family, friends, our jobs, our homes, the little things that make our world go round that we often take for granted.



Alice and I both spend the Thanksgiving eating and drinking with our families. At my house, after we finish eating we all gather around the living and argue over holiday movies vs. football.  We both went with a pair of black leggings.  I paired mine with a Lord & Taylor boat neck sweatshirt and a red Merona tank from Target.  Alice paired her leggings with a white Olivia Sky sweater.

Giving Thanks is So Fetch

In honor of Turkey Day, and because fashion is always on my mind, I wanted to share with you all some things for which I am thankful!

That these fashion trends have (re)surfaced:

The Lob 

Been thinking bout getting the chop for a while now, absolutely terrified but these are all on point! #hairspiration:

Cashmere Sweatshirts

COS cashmere sweatshirt:


Love that coat and bag (with gold chain), the shoes, big coat over skinny jeans, black white  neutral with red accents and blue jeans.:

Fur Accents

Love the greys and white and wood wall. Trendy, comfortable, this is "casual elegance" ✅✅✅✅✅:

Sweater/Skirt combos

I love classic style because unlike a lot of other styles it stays the same and is constantly beautiful. It's always slightly fresh and new but always follows a pattern of beauty and sophistication. For that I can truly appreciate classic style.:



That these fashion crazes rest in peace:

Platform flip flops

Wearing foam platform flip-flops with everything. | 25 Things All '00s Girls Are Secretly Ashamed They Did:

Newsboy Caps

Anne Hathaway's Transformation in The Devil Wears Prada Was So Good! Number 3: While I'm not (and most likely never will be) a huge fan of newsboy caps, I died for Andy's two-strand Chanel necklace and appreciated her layered sweater and crisp white button-down styling:

Chunky highlights

burgundy hair with blonde highlights - Google Search:


UGG® Australia 'Bailey Bow' Boot. I'm contemplating buying these for my daughter & me next year. My feet are too wimpy for snow.:

Sweat Suits

Love Juicy - Juicy Couture sweatsuit:


Shrugs. Oh my god. I don't think I've used the word "shrug" to describe a sweater since 2005.

On a serious note, I am also so thanksful for Gear (the butter to my bread and the breadth to my life!), my incredible family and friends, my health, a warm place to sleep at night, a job that I love going to each day, and to Joy for being my partner in crime at Ginger Couture.

I am also thankful and grateful for you all in this little corner of the internet. Your support through likes, views, and comments have inspired us to keep blogging about what we love! I can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take us 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wardrobe Wed: Sweater Shirt

Let me steal a moment from this normal “Wardrobe Wednesday” post to tell you about the harsh reality of hair styling.

My typical routine includes an afternoon workout followed by a quick shower. I am a morning shower gal so whenever I exercise I rinse but leave my hair in a clip since I know I am going to re-shower the next morning. No need to waste extra shampoo/conditioner!

Yesterday, I decided to try out a full shower in hopes of saving myself time today. I scrubbed, shampooed and conditioned and decided to let my hair air dry overnight.

Thinking I had saved myself 20 minutes, sans shower, I decided to put in some rollers while applying my makeup and was excited to have some luscious locks to rock today! The limpness of my air dried hair should have been my first clue… it was a disaster.

I unraveled my rollers to reveal these awkward misshapen curls that were ultra-frizzy and volume-less.

Those 20 precious minutes were quickly eaten up with my frantic attempt to tame the mess and look somewhat presentable for my morning meeting.

With no time to spare, I pulled this outfit together in a flash. I chose my green tweed skirt (Premise) and a cream cashmere sweater t-shirt (Land’s End) with black kitten wedges (me too Shoes).

Alice’s full look:


Just call me Miss Frizzle!

Pulling my hair half-up with a clip seemed like the best solution, though the fly away’s are a killer. Lesson learned: stick to what I know!



Primetime Polish Up: Episode 110 – Hello Roaring 20’s

The Primetime Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

The reverse French started in the 1920’s.  OPI Baring it All, Sally Hansen Wedding Glitter, and Sally Hansen Black Diamonds.


Since Alice and I just attended a 20s theme party I was thinking about Boardwalk Empire, one of my favorite period television series.  I’ll be honest the 1920s fashion is not my favorite fashion decade.  Shapeless drop waist dresses don’t do much for me but I love the makeup, headpieces and fascinators, and art deco decor.  Boardwalk Empire is where The Sopranos meets The Great Gatsby.  The details of the past roll out as the storyline unfolds.  You all know I am a sucker for a happy ending.  When the series ended things did not wrap up as fluffy and lovely as I would have wanted but I this was one of the better series finales of any show I grew attached too.  

My Boardwalk crushes Bobby Cannavale & Vincent Piazza

My Boardwalk crushes Bobby Cannavale & Vincent Piazza

Red lips, big lashes, oversized headbands

Red lips, big lashes, oversized headbands


Wardrobe Wed: The Peplum Dress

I bought this hunter green peplum dress a few months ago (courtesy of Saver’s) and have been waiting for the day it would be chilly enough to wear comfortably.

The wool fabric is quite cozy and I love the color! My goal is to find some other hunter green pieces to incorporate into my fall/winter wardrobe.

I chose to skip the belt and let this dress speak on its own. Minimal accessories and nude shoes really let your eye focus on the color.


Perfect Peplum by Ann Taylor!

Even with short sleeves I felt just right in the office. I have plans to add a blazer or long cardigan as we go into the winter months.

If you guys find stores that have an array of greens let me know! I am on a mission 🙂

– Alice

Goodbye Roaring 20’s

Joy and I are entering the next phase of our lives: the #dirtythirty. While she and I are still a year+ away, our dear friend Jenny was the latest candidate to dread welcome the big 3-0!

To ease the pain, a surprise party was thrown with a fantastic theme: “Say Goodbye to Your Roaring 20’s”.

The OG’s of the 20’s.

Never ones to turn down a chance to dress in costume, Joy and I put together our outfits and were ready to fox trot the night away. OK, so we didn’t actually fox trot but everything else was spot on!

Jenny’s home was transformed into a classic speak easy. We were having too much fun to snag the details, but wanted to share a few shots from that night:


Modern day flappers!


Those headbands though.


Surrounding the birthday girl with love!


Bonus: Before this party invitation was sent out, Joy had come up with our halloween costume for 2016 (flappers). Thanks to this themed shindig we are now all set 🙂

-Alice & Joy


Lady in Red

Gear and I have done it! We celebrated our 5th and final wedding for 2015!

This weekend, we gussied up to watch a very close family friend (my other little bro) get hitched 🙂

Normally I would have gone with a long sleeve dress for this chilly 50 degree event, but I was playing the long game knowing that there would be TONS of dancing to look forward to. In preparation for becoming a sweaty mess, I chose a sleeveless structured Calvin Klein dress in apple red.

I paired with nude patent leather pumps by Comfort Plus and a three bar gold necklace.

Wore these babies all night without issue!

Wore these babies all night without issue!

Dame en Rouge

Dame en Rouge.

I love weddings. I love, love. I am so glad Gear and I could celebrate the unions of our family/friends. Five weddings in a row was definitely an experience and I am grateful for the next six months (wedding-free).

I need the break to come up with some new dance moves…


SOWA Sunday in Boston

It is amazing how different one city can feel depending on where you are and what you are doing! Joy and I have both had our fair share of various Boston experiences from clubbing in college, elegant dinners, concerts and sports games to casual weekend plans.

One Sunday, we decided to explore an open marketplace called SOWA (named for the location in Boston: South Washington Street in the South End). Neither of us had ever been before and were surprised to learn that SOWA Sundays run from May to October each year.

Conveniently the marketplace is broken up into three sections: food trucks, farm stands, and vintage arts & crafts.

We saved the food truck experience for another day and went straight to the farmers market. Among home-made cheeses, organic coffee, chocolates, and honey we found two amazing vendors.

Union Square Donuts caught our eye with a mouth-watering display of handmade creations. Maple Bacon? Yes please!  It took some serious will power to walk away, but we did it (with the promise of returning very soon).

We also loved Corn & Company’s periodic table of popcorn. They had some amazing flavors like candy apple, truffle & olive oil, and double rainbow!

Science experiments for the win!

Science experiments for the win!

After having our fill of samples, we moved on to the arts & crafts market.

A few of our favorite finds:


Rough cut stones and faux leather fringed necklaces.


Dried flower shadow boxes; Glass and brass vase wall hangings.


Hand sewn cotton makeup bags; Embossed leather wallets.

If you are looking for unique, handmade gifts for birthdays, holidays, or something for yourself, this is the place! Joy and I will definitely be back in the Spring to check out what SOWA has in store for 2016.