SOWA Sunday in Boston

It is amazing how different one city can feel depending on where you are and what you are doing! Joy and I have both had our fair share of various Boston experiences from clubbing in college, elegant dinners, concerts and sports games to casual weekend plans.

One Sunday, we decided to explore an open marketplace called SOWA (named for the location in Boston: South Washington Street in the South End). Neither of us had ever been before and were surprised to learn that SOWA Sundays run from May to October each year.

Conveniently the marketplace is broken up into three sections: food trucks, farm stands, and vintage arts & crafts.

We saved the food truck experience for another day and went straight to the farmers market. Among home-made cheeses, organic coffee, chocolates, and honey we found two amazing vendors.

Union Square Donuts caught our eye with a mouth-watering display of handmade creations. Maple Bacon? Yes please!  It took some serious will power to walk away, but we did it (with the promise of returning very soon).

We also loved Corn & Company’s periodic table of popcorn. They had some amazing flavors like candy apple, truffle & olive oil, and double rainbow!

Science experiments for the win!

Science experiments for the win!

After having our fill of samples, we moved on to the arts & crafts market.

A few of our favorite finds:


Rough cut stones and faux leather fringed necklaces.


Dried flower shadow boxes; Glass and brass vase wall hangings.


Hand sewn cotton makeup bags; Embossed leather wallets.

If you are looking for unique, handmade gifts for birthdays, holidays, or something for yourself, this is the place! Joy and I will definitely be back in the Spring to check out what SOWA has in store for 2016.



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