Goodbye Roaring 20’s

Joy and I are entering the next phase of our lives: the #dirtythirty. While she and I are still a year+ away, our dear friend Jenny was the latest candidate to dread welcome the big 3-0!

To ease the pain, a surprise party was thrown with a fantastic theme: “Say Goodbye to Your Roaring 20’s”.

The OG’s of the 20’s.

Never ones to turn down a chance to dress in costume, Joy and I put together our outfits and were ready to fox trot the night away. OK, so we didn’t actually fox trot but everything else was spot on!

Jenny’s home was transformed into a classic speak easy. We were having too much fun to snag the details, but wanted to share a few shots from that night:


Modern day flappers!


Those headbands though.


Surrounding the birthday girl with love!


Bonus: Before this party invitation was sent out, Joy had come up with our halloween costume for 2016 (flappers). Thanks to this themed shindig we are now all set 🙂

-Alice & Joy



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