Wardrobe Wed: Sweater Shirt

Let me steal a moment from this normal “Wardrobe Wednesday” post to tell you about the harsh reality of hair styling.

My typical routine includes an afternoon workout followed by a quick shower. I am a morning shower gal so whenever I exercise I rinse but leave my hair in a clip since I know I am going to re-shower the next morning. No need to waste extra shampoo/conditioner!

Yesterday, I decided to try out a full shower in hopes of saving myself time today. I scrubbed, shampooed and conditioned and decided to let my hair air dry overnight.

Thinking I had saved myself 20 minutes, sans shower, I decided to put in some rollers while applying my makeup and was excited to have some luscious locks to rock today! The limpness of my air dried hair should have been my first clue… it was a disaster.

I unraveled my rollers to reveal these awkward misshapen curls that were ultra-frizzy and volume-less.

Those 20 precious minutes were quickly eaten up with my frantic attempt to tame the mess and look somewhat presentable for my morning meeting.

With no time to spare, I pulled this outfit together in a flash. I chose my green tweed skirt (Premise) and a cream cashmere sweater t-shirt (Land’s End) with black kitten wedges (me too Shoes).

Alice’s full look:


Just call me Miss Frizzle!

Pulling my hair half-up with a clip seemed like the best solution, though the fly away’s are a killer. Lesson learned: stick to what I know!




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