Giving Thanks is So Fetch

In honor of Turkey Day, and because fashion is always on my mind, I wanted to share with you all some things for which I am thankful!

That these fashion trends have (re)surfaced:

The Lob 

Been thinking bout getting the chop for a while now, absolutely terrified but these are all on point! #hairspiration:

Cashmere Sweatshirts

COS cashmere sweatshirt:


Love that coat and bag (with gold chain), the shoes, big coat over skinny jeans, black white  neutral with red accents and blue jeans.:

Fur Accents

Love the greys and white and wood wall. Trendy, comfortable, this is "casual elegance" ✅✅✅✅✅:

Sweater/Skirt combos

I love classic style because unlike a lot of other styles it stays the same and is constantly beautiful. It's always slightly fresh and new but always follows a pattern of beauty and sophistication. For that I can truly appreciate classic style.:



That these fashion crazes rest in peace:

Platform flip flops

Wearing foam platform flip-flops with everything. | 25 Things All '00s Girls Are Secretly Ashamed They Did:

Newsboy Caps

Anne Hathaway's Transformation in The Devil Wears Prada Was So Good! Number 3: While I'm not (and most likely never will be) a huge fan of newsboy caps, I died for Andy's two-strand Chanel necklace and appreciated her layered sweater and crisp white button-down styling:

Chunky highlights

burgundy hair with blonde highlights - Google Search:


UGG® Australia 'Bailey Bow' Boot. I'm contemplating buying these for my daughter & me next year. My feet are too wimpy for snow.:

Sweat Suits

Love Juicy - Juicy Couture sweatsuit:


Shrugs. Oh my god. I don't think I've used the word "shrug" to describe a sweater since 2005.

On a serious note, I am also so thanksful for Gear (the butter to my bread and the breadth to my life!), my incredible family and friends, my health, a warm place to sleep at night, a job that I love going to each day, and to Joy for being my partner in crime at Ginger Couture.

I am also thankful and grateful for you all in this little corner of the internet. Your support through likes, views, and comments have inspired us to keep blogging about what we love! I can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take us 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!



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