The I’m not shopping on Black Friday Guide

Black Friday shopping has never been my thing.  And for someone who prides herself on her bargain shopping deals you would think I would employ a better strategy on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.   This shopping day really stresses me out.  The racks are all picked over, too many sales to figure out what sale applies to what and minimum purchase stipulations.  No thank you.  Here is a list of 20 things better than Black Friday shopping.

  1. Binge on a TV show.  If you’re looking for something new but worried about a commitment, try the new mini series Flesh and Bone on Starz.  The entire season is available on demand.   Center Stage meets Save the Last Dance meets Black Swan (but way more Black Swan).
  2. Student affairs professionals are ALWAYS complaining they don’t have time to read for pleasure.  Now you do.  Book Bub  is an awesome site that lets you download FREE or DISCOUNTED books to your preferred e-reading platform.  (Does this count as Black Friday shopping?)
  3. Catch a Netflix documentary.  I have tons of documentaries sitting in my queue that I never sit down to watch because I am always catching up on my Prime Time shows.  We have all weekend for that, watch something outside the box.
  4. Cull out your email accounts.  Don’t respond to work emails.  Cleaning up, getting stuff into folders, deleting the crap from your inbox will lead to a very productive Monday.
  5. Plan out your holiday party outfits.  We have lots of good ideas on our Party Time Pintrest Board.
  6. Clean out and reorganize your closet, armoire, nightstand, desk.  If you haven’t worn it, or thought about it in a year, get rid of it.
  7. Update and organize your Pintrest page.  Do you need ideas for work outfits? Home decor? Cooking?
  8. Have your friends over a Friendsgiving brunch.
  9. Clean out your car.  Get the reusable shopping bags off the floor, carry the collection of hoodies inside.  Take a run through the car wash and run that industrial vacuum over the carpets.
  10. If you’re in the Boston area go for a walk around the city, it’s going to be in the 60s! Take advantage!
  11. Decorate for the December holidays or make a list for all the craft supplies you need for all your Pintrest holiday decorating projects.
  12. Do a local search for upcoming charitable events or find ways you an give back this holiday season.
  13. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.  You don’t have to be in job search mode.  Having your resume ready to go in case you need it sooner than you anticipated could you save you a lot of time later down the road.  It’s always a good idea to have your LinkedIn as current as possible.
  14. Go find a yoga class, a spin class, a kick boxing class.  Don’t start a whole new workout routine or anything crazy.  Most places have a drop-in fee for one class.  Or better yet, a free test pass for potential new members.  Again, I’m not saying join a new gym,  but you have the day off, an hour of exercise won’t hurt.
  15. Keep up the Thanksgiving part of the weekend.  All the Thanksgiving edible arrangements and flowers will be on sale.  Send your Thanksgiving hostess with the mostess a thank you gift.
  16. Set your holiday spending budget.  I know, boring and stressful.  A young professional’s financial health is really important.  It’s okay if you’re breaking out the credit card for presents, but at least have a sense of what you are spending and keep yourself in check so paying it off won’t be so burdensome.
  17. Update your playlists.  That one list you always go to when you go for a run is probably getting old.
  18. Mix it up and rearrange your bedroom or living room.
  19. Make some plans.  Find some new restaurants or activities to do with your friends on Groupon or Living Social.
  20. Treat yo self.  Give yourself a mani/pedi.  Soften the ends of that heat treated hair with some coconut oil.  Rejuvenate your skin with a face mask.

Safe travels if you are braving the shopping madness.  Tweet at me or comment here if you are staying in.  #1, 9, and 20 on my to do list!

Talk soon,




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