Tis the Season to Dress Appropriately Fa La La La La La La

The holiday party invites are rolling in.  Some of them are obligatory commitments others are super fun.  The fashion key here: Know your party audience.  Of course you want to keep in the mind the venue, time of day and level of formality.  While the holidays are a time to celebrate with your friends, you will inevitably celebrating with your colleagues or your partner’s colleagues.

First of all, let’s clear up black tie vs. formal.  Fortunately Amal Clooney covers this for us with beautiful examples. 


Alice shows off her winged eyeliner and barrel curles in classic cocktail attire

Now that we understand the rules of formality, some other things to keep in mind:

  1. Length of skirt.  When you sit down, do you need to hang on the the hem of the dress or skirt so it stays in place?  If the answer is yes, it is too short and it is way too tight for a work function.
  2. Exposed back.  Is the back of the dress or top transparent material? Is the back lower than your bra line?  If the answer is yes, that means (fashionably speaking) you shouldn’t wear a bra because it would detract from the outfit and it means we can see way too much of your backside.  Save it for NYE with your girls or a hot holiday date night.
  3. Cleavage.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  There is a time and a place and the office work party (yours or someone else’s) is not the place.  Go with a neckline that covers the mid to upper half of your chest.

Alice and I are active alumnae and we serve on our Alumni Association Board. Since we are fancy grown ups now we were invited to our College’s annual alumni holiday party.  So not quite co-workers the occasion definitely called for a classy festive look.  


Navy Blue Zara shift dress with paten leather Naturalizer pumps


Two young fashion alumni who both work in men’s wear. Left: Burgundy silk button up, black blazer and sequin cigarette pants Right: Snake skin print mini dress cinched at the waist with leggings


Left: Red cable knit sweater & black slacks Center: Royal blue sweater pops with a statement necklace Right: A 1920s look comes together with a long lace vest over a deep red strapless dress complimented with a long pearl knot necklace


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