Paint Night Evolution


Who doesn’t love structured activities that include wine?! Hopefully everyone has been exposed to the “Paint Night” craze in some capacity whether it was seeing your friends artwork hung in their home or putting on the apron yourself and letting those creative juices flow.

Joy and I have both attended several paint night’s before. Some art was definitely more appealing than others, but let’s be real: we aren’t going to walk out with a Monet. As most fads do, they build a huge following before quickly sputtering out and leaving us (the consumer) to turn out attentions elsewhere. 

The solution: find some other crafty projects and expand the brand. In our case, it was “Plant Night”. Same concept, same green aprons, but different product. Instead of a canvas we were creating our own little terrariums of succulents. 

Joy and I had great time and walked away with some new additions to our office space!


My OCD was loving design idea #2


Step 1: Lay down a rock bed. Step 2: Pick your succulents. Step 3: Really pack in the soil!


Once the succelents have been planted it’s time to accessorize!


Alice went with the minimalist approach (top) while Joy added touches of gold (bottom). Both chose the linear layout 🙂



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