Wardrobe Wed: Basically a Blanket

The internal stuggle of a cold winter day is no joke. My inner self begs “just five more minutes under the covers all snuggled up” while my common sense is nagging with “you’re going to be late for work and have to rush around and will probably forget your wallet or something…”

On these days I reach for the EASIEST of outfits: leggings and a poncho. Yes, ponchos, or “capes” to some fashion mags, are lifesavers on these days. It’s basically a blanket with three strategically placed holes. Why buy a snuggie* when you can pull off the same effect with a poncho?

I rolled out of bed and got ready in no time (rushing to try and re-warm up my body with cold clothes – the worst)!

Alice’s full look:

I paired my a silver anchor choker with this slate grey poncho with a light grey border (by Crosby) and black leggings.

I threw on boots along the way (not pictured) and have been embracing my blankie poncho all day long 🙂

Stay warm friends!


*No shade is being thrown at the snuggie or its inventor. If I could wear one to work it would be on like Donkey Kong!


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