New Year’s Fasholutions

Winter is my spring cleaning season.  For Christmas, I received a lot of new clothes and gift cards to my favorite clothing stores.  As you know, Alice and I try to donate a piece of clothing when we update our wardrobes with new items.  Working in higher education, I have the luxury of being on vacation this week, so I took the time to cull through every drawer, my closet, even my jewelry box.  The consignment and donation piles grew to the size of mountains.  Stepping back and I took a mental wardrobe inventory, my closet is packed with color, dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses.  So many combinations!  

I am resolving to be much more fashionably diverse in 2016 (with the clothes that are currently in my closet), here are my New Year Fasholutions:

  1. NO bargain hunting for 6 months. Unless I need something specific, I am not allowed peruse the clothing racks for fun.  There are a lot of other things to do a Saturday afternoon other than shop mindlessly.  I say 6 months because let’s be serious, not shopping for an entire year?!  Just trying to set realistic resolutions.
  2. All black outfits can only make an appearance once a week.  Black is the new black, I LOVE my black slacks, black blouses, black cardigans.  This is not a surprise to anyone.  Black is reliable, slimming, professional, and classic.  There are other colors in my wardrobe that should make an appearance and items that rarely make it out of my closet, time to shine some color on my outfits.
  3. Mix up the accessories.  I have tons of jewelry that hides in my jewelry box.  We have seen what a necklace, funky pair of earrings, or statement ring can do to an outfit.  No excuses.  I lay my outfit out every night before work, no reason I can’t add some bling.
  4. Step up the shoe game.  My flats are easy, comfy and match everything.  Yet, my suede booties, riding boots, leather and suede knee high boots, pumps also match quite a bit.  I resolve to wear heals at least twice a week.     

You can keep me honest by checking out our weekly outfit of the day post every Wednesday!

Happy New Year!



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