Flashback Friday: Gilmore Girls

Back in the day, I did not miss an episode of Gilmore Girls.  I was in high school/college during the Gilmore Girls’ run so this show was incredibly timely for me.  Here are five times I channeled my inner Rory Gilmore:

Photo courtesy of: kissmywonderwoman.com

Getting super involved in College activities and realizing it’s your calling so it becomes your career.  Rory was on the school newspaper and became a journalist. I was a Resident Assistant and now I work in higher education.

Photo courtesy of: rccblog.com

Photo courtesy of: rccblog.com

Being the over achieving intern.


Courtesy of: bustle.com

The WTF moment realizing adulating is not far away and you actually don’t have a grip on all that much going on around you. The not even a quarter life because it’s only junior year of college crisis.

Procrastinating in the cafe with your friends.

Photo courtesy of: buzzfeed.com

Oh the theme parties. Any excuse to coordinate a costume.

Talk soon,


Wardrobe Wed: Fire & Ice

Happy Wednesday from sunny Florida! One of the perks of my new job is that I have the pleasure of traveling to the sunshine state. Nothing better than escaping the Boston chill with a quick trip to Miami and Naples 🙂

80 degrees and sunny means that I can break out my sleeveless blouses and pack a cardigan *just in case* it gets too cool. In HEAVEN!

Today I am fully representing BU’s colors with a red and white geometric sleeveless blouse (with a white beaded neckline) paired with a simple black pencil skirt. I finished the look with a black patent leather belt and nude pumps.

Alice’s Full Look:

Blouse by Adrienne Vittadini | Pencil Skirt by Rafaella | Belt by Kenneth Cole | Cardigan by Cable & Gauge | Pumps by Comfort Plus

It’s a pretty normal day for Joy today.  In student affairs what is normal really?!  Meeting with lots of students during appointments, assisting the drop-in students as quickly as possible.. is that it today? Joy stepped a little out of her usual solid color pallet and went with a print chiffon Ann Taylor blouse.  Joy Loves this particular print because the cream and brown floral design is set against a black background so she can still wear her favorite black slacks from Lord & Taylor.

Joy’s Full Look:


Fabulous Fabric!

Blouse by Ann Taylor | Slacks by Lord & Taylor

I promise to try and bring back as much warmth to New England as possible!


Primetime Polish Up: Episode 201 – White Hot

The Primetime Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

OPI Solitaire OPI It's Frosty Outside Essie Private Weekend

OPI Solitaire
OPI It’s Frosty Outside
Essie Private Weekend

Snowed in with nothing to do.  And by snowed in I mean the 1 inch of snow that fell near and around Boston showed up just in time to ruin my Saturday night dinner plans.  That annoying period of a snowfall where the plows are sitting and waiting for enough to accumulate before they start their rounds.  The first official “blizzard” of the year inspired my winter white polish colors this week.  

Photos courtesy of: renewcanceltv.com, nbc.com, gettyimages.com, Zap2it.com

Photos courtesy of: renewcanceltv.com, nbc.com, gettyimages.com, Zap2it.com

I was also drawn to shades of white because I spent my snowy Saturday watching Telenovela.  The adorable Eva Longoria returns to the small screen in this new comedy show about the cast on a Spanish soap opera.  Eva portrays the star of the telenovela. When “filming” she is wearing beautiful sparkly gowns and when her character is “off screen,” she is dressed in one white hot outfit after another.  Lots of of ideas for future summer looks!

Anyone else watching Telenovela?!

Talk soon,


Wardrobe Wed: Cream, Black, Burgundy

This entire week I have been in my office prepping for my inaugural business trip to Florida (hello, 70 degree weather!) and I’ve been able to sneak by without wearing a suit jacket or blazer.

Today is another day behind the desk so I chose to continue my “laid back” corporate look. See more about cardigan conundrum here! An animal print blouse and grey pencil skirt give my outfit some pizazz while my cream cardigan keeps the look classic. I paired with black tights (not pictured) and new ankle booties.

Alice’s Full Look:

Blouse by Vince Camuto | Cardigan by Banana Republic | Skirt by Express | Ankle Boots by Franco Sarto | Bangles from Savers

Joy is running around like a crazy person hosting a week-long conference for a group of students.  Today Joy is presenting a workshop to the students, greeting alumni presenters, and managing mealtime logistics for 35 people.  Joy went with dark colors, just in case anything spills when handling the catering.

Running between buildings on a below freezing day calls for riding boots. A Lord & Taylor button up shirt is the go to shirt of choice for professional events.  A burgundy A-line Ann Taylor skirt that won’t wrinkle or loose shape throughout the day adds a splash of modest color.

Joy’s Full Look:

Button-up by Lord & Taylor | A-line skirt by Ann Taylor


Cardigan Counterparts?

The term “Corporate Culture” has been spoken quite a few times in my first weeks at the new job (which I am loving)!

On any given day, there are at least a dozen people (men and women) dressed in jackets/blazers/suits. Most of the time they are either high up in the chain of command, or are attending a business meeting, internal or external.

I have also noticed that some of the men wear the following combination pretty consistently: A collared shirt (always with a tie) covered by a knitted top and paired with slacks and dress shoes:

Men's holiday look. Visit http://www.karenannlettiere.com for more styling information and tips!:

Mr. Sharp

This left me wondering – what is this outfits equivalent for female employees?

I do keep a blazer in my office to throw on for meetings, etc. but I don’t feel it necessary (in my role) to wear one every day. Here is how I have been dressing as a counterpart to the above men’s look:

I LOVE everything about this. Black and white with Yellow. Completely classic! You could even get different sweaters and work this outfit on repeat:

 A blouse and pencil skirt with a cardigan and heels*

What do you think? How would you dress as a counterpart to Mr. Sharp? Leave your ideas/pics in the comments section!


*This photo is NOT me. I stole it from Pinterest. Wish I owned this entire look though!


Business Professional Looks on the Small Screen

When I’m out and about shopping and when I’m putting my outfits together I have a few key fashionistas from some of my favorite TV shows in the back of my mind.  We have so many different fashion needs throughout a typical week, I turn to different style icons for the many occasions life brings my way.  Fresh and new is the theme of 2016 and these TV shows bring an innovative flare to classic business professional looks that I love.  

Images (L to R) courtesy of: tvfanatic.com, possessionista.com, wornontv.net

Images (L to R) courtesy of: tvfanatic.com, possessionista.com, wornontv.net

Images (L to R) courtesy of: looklive.com, wornontv.net, shopyourtv.com

Images (L to R) courtesy of: looklive.com, wornontv.net, shopyourtv.com

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is in its sophomore season, a scripted show from Bravo.  GG2D follows writer Abby, played by Lisa Edelstein, as she deals with the aftermath of her divorce.  Newly single, career woman, mother, this character wears many hats and needs a lot of different outfits.  Edelstein’s wardrobe wows me every episode, this show covers casual Friday looks, evening and wedding looks.Blazer, dark jeans paired with a sparkly top or silk shell can transition from casual Friday to happy hour.  The LBD is the perfect date to any special event or wedding.  The pattern maxi and solid tank is a classy look for a night out with friends.

While a LBD is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, I am not always excited to break out my black suit.  With a career in non-profit/education, so many professional occasions such as speaking engagements, alumni events arise that require the business professional look.

Image courtesy of msdramatv.com

Image courtesy of: msdramatv.com

Kerry Washington’s role as Olivia Pope on Scandal has an iconic style.  The details from Washington’s accessories, hand bag and jacket are always coordinated. It’s the details that make an outfit pop and give off that “I’m wicked good at adulting and got my stuff together” look.  When it comes to business professional attire, Washington also proves that tailoring goes a long way.  Two to four suits are well worth the investment.  

Images courtesy of tvguide.com, wornontv.net

Images courtesy of: tvguide.com, wornontv.net

Benched from USA was unfortunately canceled after only one season.  However, Eliza Coupe’s rocked the business professional look. Corporate lawyer turned public defender was constantly running from the office to court and she needed to easily transition between desk work and court appearances and presentations.  Even though we won’t ever find out what happened to that blossoming workplace romance, Coupe’s character left us with fabulous professional looks will always be renewed.

Images courtesy of: people.com, wheretoget.it, huffingtonpost.co.uk, wornontv.net

Images courtesy of: people.com, wheretoget.it, huffingtonpost.co.uk, wornontv.net

Last but not certainly not least, Viola Davis as attorney/law professor Annalise Keating.  If she isn’t lecturing is running from client meetings to court.  Davis’ character goes with the no mess no fuss suit dress.  Fitted, tailored, figure flattering and best of all, one piece.

Talk soon,


Quick Picks & Power Play

OK, folks. I confess. I TOTALLY flaked on our typical “Wardrobe Wednesday” post yesterday!

My mind was on fixated on the Power Ball. It was the talk of the office yesterday and there were pockets of “how many tickets did you get, would you come into work, what’s the first thing you would do with the money?” conversations happening all throughout the day. Hard to concentrate on anything else (work or otherwise)!

I purchased two tickets on my way home last night and was surprised to see that Gear had done the same (we NEVER play so this was a nice coincidence – more chances for us to win :)). The entire evening was spent talking about what we would do with 1.5 billion dollars and this is what we came up with:

  1. Hire a lawyer ASAP and get the money tucked away into a secure bank before telling a SOUL.
  2. Make a list of all of our debt to pay off. Cars, House, Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc.
  3. Pay off all of our families debts.
  4. Donate to charity – leave the world a better place than when we found it. There are a ton of places we would help out.
  5. TRAVEL. We would spread out our travels so that we could experience the world (this means we obviously would quit our jobs).
  6. Take care of our loved ones – this one is pretty broad but it covers helping out family/friends and celebrating with them on a whole new level.
  7. Go shopping! OK, so this is more for me than Gear but imagine the designers I could wear…. amazing.
  8. Volunteer -with all this extra time, Gear and I would give back in a hands on way as well.
  9. Invest because, why not? Maybe become an Angel Investor.
  10. Take up some insane hobbies. Enough said.

As you can imagine, Gear and I didn’t win last night – but we can still do some of these things on a smaller level.

Now it’s back to reality, and back to our weekly posts 🙂


I Wear Business Professional Attire Everyday…. Right?


“I need work clothes” is the response every young professional has when asked what do you want for your birthday.  I feel like I am always saying this.  I finally took an inventory of my closet and realized I am only wearing about 30% of my clothes 100% of the time.  I am in a work attire lull.  It is especially important to know what pieces are work appropriate and what pieces to save for the weekend.  My little closet raid and the declaration of my fasholutions really helped with some strategic outfit planning for 2016.

During an interview a while back, my potential supervisor said to me, “by the way, I allow business casual for day to day operations, business professional for special occasions and events.”  I just smiled and said “great!”…. I left thinking, shouldn’t we be dressed professionally all the time and save business casual for Friday???

I ran home after my interview and searched Pintrest for some visual aids.  Business professional requires a suit all day every day.  You can do the math anyway you like:

Shift Dress + Blazer = Suit
Skirt + Blazer = Suit
Slacks + Blazer = Suit

I know black, tan, and gray can get kinda boring really quickly.  If you are in an industry such as banking, law, or if you work in the non-profit sector like Alice and I but host a lot of events, check out our Suit Up Pintrest board for ways to jazz up your business professional look.  

So now the next question is, what is the difference between business casual and casual Friday?! Check back for the answer!

Talk soon, Joy

Office Space

I HATE feeling like a nomad when settling into a new office. The longer it takes for me to feel at home, the longer it takes to fully immerse myself in work. Does that make me crazy? Maybe. But it also makes me one efficient broad!

The great thing about my new digs is that it is a blank canvas – they built a new section for me and so everything is new and untouched 🙂

Here is what I am working with (clearly I was WAY to eager to put something on the walls, so you will have to imagine it without the colorful additions) :

I haven’t gone shopping just yet (weekend plans!) but found some inspiration to guide me:

For those of us who enjoy a cozier environment at work--here are some ideas to make your work space more comfortable!:

Courtesy of Buzzfeed 


I have my eye on #5, 6, and 21 to start. Be sure to check out what ideas/tricks I use to turn my cubicle into a 2nd home!


New Calendar! New Career?


A new calendar year is upon us, hanging a new calendar on the wall causes pause and reflection.  This often motivates people to take the plunge and change careers or jobs.  If you are looking to make major career changes I commend your bravery for being ready to take a big step.  A new professional life will not appear out of thin air the first week of January just because you updated your resume.  This takes time, planning and thoughtful industry research.

A lot of friends, friends of friends, acquaintances come out of the woodwork around February and tell me how discouraged they are with their job search and are seeking advice.  Often they are trying to make a change into a new industry and want something different out of their next professional move.

If you have found yourself in this boat before or are just thinking about a career change for the first time and want 2016 to be your year, let’s do it and let’s do it right.     

  1. Why do I want to change my career? Do I like the people I work with but hate the work? Do I like the work but hate my boss and co-workers?
  2. Do I know what industry I want to transition into or do I just know it’s time for a change?
  3. Do I really know what the new industry I want entails or am I glamorizing a profession based on media portrayal?  (We all do this, it’s okay, you need to network and shadow and do your research.)
  4. What are my resources? Most colleges and universities offer career services for alumni of their undergrad and graduate programs.  This is a great place to start if you are not sure what career change you want or need.
  5. What are my skills and talents? What are my passions? Do I have the skills and education necessary for the new career I am eyeing?
  6. Can I take a pay cut? Can I afford to go back to school part or full time if necessary?

I understand this is a lot to take in.  As a career counselor, I am happy to talk it out and help you figure out your next move. You know where to reach me.

Talk soon,