Body Positivity

On Friday, Joy and I did some light shopping and wandered into Victoria’s Secret to check out a sale. I must admit – I had been avoiding this store for years.

I was always intimidated by the brand and didn’t feel beautiful or “good enough” to wear their items. As a larger adolescent, how could I when the media portrayed only one body type?


It has only been in recent years that the body positive campaign has been making great strides and I was pleasantly surprised by my shopping experience.

The store itself hasn’t changed much. It’s still bright, shiny, and filled with feathers & lace – like one big walk in closet 🙂 This trip I was in search for one particular item: panties. The annual “5 pairs for $25” has now gone up to $27.50 but is still worth it.

In perusing the styles it was evident that Vicky’s has made some serious adjustments over the years to accommodate the average sized woman.I found my go-to style (the bikini brief), tried on a pair,  and was thrilled to discover that they fit!

As a woman, and one with some serious curve action, I am SO glad to see leading brands taking a more inclusive approach with their consumers.

Here are some other examples of brands embracing the body positive movement:

At the end of the day, we are all gorgeous and remarkable woman who are most certainly worth every bit of what life has to offer! I am glad the big brands are catching up ❤



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