The New Girl

New Year, New Job!  After a small hiatus from Boston I am back in town at Boston University 🙂

I am leaving the comfort of a 9 person team at my Alma Mater and am entering a much larger shop (200 strong)! Being the “new girl” is never easy BUT I am confident it will be a quick adjustment.

Here is how I plan on tackling my first few days:

Have a Positive Attitude

Attitude is everything. Enthusiasm is a sure sign of a team player!

Dress Professionally/Appropriately
BU’s dress code is business attire which is a bit more formal than Framingham. I will be stepping up my wardrobe and am loving these looks:

Image result for trendy business attire women 


The Name Game
I am sure no one expects the new person to have everyone’s name down pat by the end of the first day or week, but I am going to brush up on teammates (this is why I love LinkedIn) before my first day.

There is going to be a TON of information for me to take in during the first few weeks and rather than get overwhelmed I am going to relax a bit, and always ask questions or ask for help when I need it.

Be a Self-Starter
I know there will be work lined up for me to dive into on my first day to help get my feet wet. While I am looking forward to being handed a project to tackle, I know that assignments won’t always drop into my lap and so plan to be proactive in seeking out future work.

Avoid Office Politics/Gossip
Don’t. Solicit. Gossip. Just don’t.

Take Advantage of After-Hours Activities
BU offers a TON of informal after-hour get together’s that I can’t wait to get involved in. At the top of my list: the running club!

Show Appreciation
We have all been a resource for a new co-worker and know it takes time away from our regular (and usually jam packed) schedule. As a rookie, be sure to  express your appreciation to everyone who helps you learn the ropes.

Get and Stay Organized
A new office space is the perfect platform to re-organize and/or develop systems for keeping track of meetings, appointments, assignments, and projects. Also, don’t be afraid to make your space feel like you!

Let’s get ready to rock!



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