Office Space

I HATE feeling like a nomad when settling into a new office. The longer it takes for me to feel at home, the longer it takes to fully immerse myself in work. Does that make me crazy? Maybe. But it also makes me one efficient broad!

The great thing about my new digs is that it is a blank canvas – they built a new section for me and so everything is new and untouched 🙂

Here is what I am working with (clearly I was WAY to eager to put something on the walls, so you will have to imagine it without the colorful additions) :

I haven’t gone shopping just yet (weekend plans!) but found some inspiration to guide me:

For those of us who enjoy a cozier environment at work--here are some ideas to make your work space more comfortable!:

Courtesy of Buzzfeed 


I have my eye on #5, 6, and 21 to start. Be sure to check out what ideas/tricks I use to turn my cubicle into a 2nd home!



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