I Wear Business Professional Attire Everyday…. Right?


“I need work clothes” is the response every young professional has when asked what do you want for your birthday.  I feel like I am always saying this.  I finally took an inventory of my closet and realized I am only wearing about 30% of my clothes 100% of the time.  I am in a work attire lull.  It is especially important to know what pieces are work appropriate and what pieces to save for the weekend.  My little closet raid and the declaration of my fasholutions really helped with some strategic outfit planning for 2016.

During an interview a while back, my potential supervisor said to me, “by the way, I allow business casual for day to day operations, business professional for special occasions and events.”  I just smiled and said “great!”…. I left thinking, shouldn’t we be dressed professionally all the time and save business casual for Friday???

I ran home after my interview and searched Pintrest for some visual aids.  Business professional requires a suit all day every day.  You can do the math anyway you like:

Shift Dress + Blazer = Suit
Skirt + Blazer = Suit
Slacks + Blazer = Suit

I know black, tan, and gray can get kinda boring really quickly.  If you are in an industry such as banking, law, or if you work in the non-profit sector like Alice and I but host a lot of events, check out our Suit Up Pintrest board for ways to jazz up your business professional look.  

So now the next question is, what is the difference between business casual and casual Friday?! Check back for the answer!

Talk soon, Joy


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