Cardigan Counterparts?

The term “Corporate Culture” has been spoken quite a few times in my first weeks at the new job (which I am loving)!

On any given day, there are at least a dozen people (men and women) dressed in jackets/blazers/suits. Most of the time they are either high up in the chain of command, or are attending a business meeting, internal or external.

I have also noticed that some of the men wear the following combination pretty consistently: A collared shirt (always with a tie) covered by a knitted top and paired with slacks and dress shoes:

Men's holiday look. Visit for more styling information and tips!:

Mr. Sharp

This left me wondering – what is this outfits equivalent for female employees?

I do keep a blazer in my office to throw on for meetings, etc. but I don’t feel it necessary (in my role) to wear one every day. Here is how I have been dressing as a counterpart to the above men’s look:

I LOVE everything about this. Black and white with Yellow. Completely classic! You could even get different sweaters and work this outfit on repeat:

 A blouse and pencil skirt with a cardigan and heels*

What do you think? How would you dress as a counterpart to Mr. Sharp? Leave your ideas/pics in the comments section!


*This photo is NOT me. I stole it from Pinterest. Wish I owned this entire look though!



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