Flashback Friday: Gilmore Girls

Back in the day, I did not miss an episode of Gilmore Girls.  I was in high school/college during the Gilmore Girls’ run so this show was incredibly timely for me.  Here are five times I channeled my inner Rory Gilmore:

Photo courtesy of: kissmywonderwoman.com

Getting super involved in College activities and realizing it’s your calling so it becomes your career.  Rory was on the school newspaper and became a journalist. I was a Resident Assistant and now I work in higher education.

Photo courtesy of: rccblog.com

Photo courtesy of: rccblog.com

Being the over achieving intern.


Courtesy of: bustle.com

The WTF moment realizing adulating is not far away and you actually don’t have a grip on all that much going on around you. The not even a quarter life because it’s only junior year of college crisis.

Procrastinating in the cafe with your friends.

Photo courtesy of: buzzfeed.com

Oh the theme parties. Any excuse to coordinate a costume.

Talk soon,



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