Beer Fest Babe

Gear’s interests are very…singular. OK, even writing that felt a bit creepy (gold star for anyone who can guess the movie reference)!

But really, Gear has maybe one or two hobbies that he really enjoys. One is food and the other is beer. He loves brewing it, drinking it, and talking about it with his beer lovin’ pals.

Tonight I will be attending my first Extreme Beer Fest with Gear and a few friends. His guest list of people he would go with is very exclusive so why am I going? Well, this year the men would like their ladies to experience their “mecca” and before I knew it tickets were purchased and it was added to the shared calendar.

I will be going straight from work so packed my “Extreme Beer Fest Casual Chic” outfit (if such a thing exists) to switch into later. Now, the bottom half was a piece of cake – jeans and ankle boots but because I am as indecisive as they come, I brought four different tops to choose from.

The candidates:


Which one gets your vote? Let me know in the comments section!






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