Runway to the Everyday: RED for Work

Celebrity styles inspire everyday looks.  For the everyday girl like me on a non-profit professional’s budget, I stick to a few stores that align with my personal style aesthetic so I can incorporate glamorous celebrity looks into my ready to wear lifestyle.  

Watch is a strong word,  I am in the room while the Super Bowl is on.  I love the food and the performances.  I also love chatting with people who are so passionate and who get as excited about sports as I do for award season.  

Lady Gaga blew all of us away as she performed the National Anthem.  The red sequin suit was the perfect choice for this performance.  While a full sequin pant suit is probably a bit much for the office, a bright color or a print can definitely make an appearance at certain work functions.

  1. Hosting or attending a work dinner.  Dinners are still professional events but there is a social aspect to meals so bring a little color to the dinner table.
  2. Receiving an award or honor.  You’re the star, you will be photographed.  Pick a color that flatters you and stands out.
  3. Speaking at a conference or giving a talk.  Being invited to speak at an event or facilitating a conference session is a big deal.  Complement your words with a fun color and receive compliments on your words and your outfit!


BCBG Quincy Lace Feather Jacquard Jacket and Matching SkirtTahari Peplum Jacket and Skirt Suit, J Crew Navy Blue Tweed w/Fringe

Talk soon,



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