Wardrobe Wed: Blazin’

Can you feel it? Spring is just around the corner!

Today I am keeping it light with soft creams and a relaxed blazer. Broad shoulders can make it difficult to wear jackets of all kinds and not feel robotic with limited movement. This light-weight H&M find is comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

Alice’s Full Look:

Skirt by J.Crew | Blouse by Aikos | Vintage two-toned statement ring | Blazer by H&M

It’s a 13 hour day for Joy, filled with student appointments, and lots of hustle and bustle in between.  The day will not end at 5 as she is hosting an evening reception following work. Lots of running around, checking in attendees, and colorful chats with students and guests throughout the night.

What’s a girl to wear? Vince Camuto to the rescue!  Joy paired her favorite Vince Camuto slacks with an orange shell and black blazer.  A fun gold necklace added a little shine to the bold color.

Joy’s Full Look:


Glowing in gold!

Slacks by Vince Camuto | Orange shell by Vince Camuto | Gold necklace by Charming Charlies | Blazer by Lord & Taylor


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