ColourPop: Ultra Matte Lip

I have been tempted to hop on the Kylie Cosmetics bandwagon to see what her liquid lipsticks are all about.  The feeling usually sneaks up a day or two before an event, when I am itching for a new “look”, and TBH Kylie’s lips are ON. POINT.

What has held me back? The combination of products on back order and the cost. $15 is by no means a rediculous price point, but I am all about that bargain, which brought me to ColourPop.

I have learned (through reviews and beauty vlogs) that the ColourPop ingredients are virtually identical to that of Kylie’s lipsticks, and ring in at less than half the cost.

At $6 each, $4.99 for shipping, and a $5 promo code – I snagged three different ultra matte lips for only $18!

Simple + sleek packaging Colors (from top): Scrooge, Lumiere 2, Ouiji

Today I am testing out Ouiji’s bright coral hue:

Light + Bright | Up-close color | The stretch test 🙂

The application was insanely smooth and much lighter than I expected, with a quick drying time. Within 2 minutes my lips were coated and felt weightless.

Application time: 8:00am. Let’s see how this baby lasts througout the day!

xoxo- Alice


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