Wardrobe Wed: Quick Pick Pattern

Some mornings are just a rush, no matter how much time I give myself! Today I needed to make some snap decisions which resulted in my reliance on patterns.

I find that busy pieces take out any of the effort to create a “look”. Most of what I want to accomplish in terms of style and feel is already meticulously combined in my patterned wardrobe:

Coral + turquoise chevron striped top by Apt. 9 Navy blue linen pencil skirt by Premise

This top doesn’t need any competition so I chose a simple pencil skirt and decided to do without a belt. I couldn’t quite get my belts to work with the stripes. When i doubt, less is more!

With my morning rush, I had to eat into my normal “watch the morning news while putting on makeup” routine:

patterened face

I had time for: Tinted Moisturizer | Eyebrows (ALWAYS) Winged Eyeliner Mascara Lip Balm

This morning provides great motivation for me to lay out my outfits the night before. At least to mentally put one together before bed…

xoxo- Alice

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