ColourPop: Ultra Matte Lip

I have been tempted to hop on the Kylie Cosmetics bandwagon to see what her liquid lipsticks are all about.  The feeling usually sneaks up a day or two before an event, when I am itching for a new “look”, and TBH Kylie’s lips are ON. POINT.

What has held me back? The combination of products on back order and the cost. $15 is by no means a rediculous price point, but I am all about that bargain, which brought me to ColourPop.

I have learned (through reviews and beauty vlogs) that the ColourPop ingredients are virtually identical to that of Kylie’s lipsticks, and ring in at less than half the cost.

At $6 each, $4.99 for shipping, and a $5 promo code – I snagged three different ultra matte lips for only $18!

Simple + sleek packaging Colors (from top): Scrooge, Lumiere 2, Ouiji

Today I am testing out Ouiji’s bright coral hue:

Light + Bright | Up-close color | The stretch test 🙂

The application was insanely smooth and much lighter than I expected, with a quick drying time. Within 2 minutes my lips were coated and felt weightless.

Application time: 8:00am. Let’s see how this baby lasts througout the day!

xoxo- Alice

Wardrobe Wed: The LBD

No closet is complete without some form of the LBD: Little Black Dress. Joy and I each had a chance to rock our LBD’s for two different celebrations.

I discovered this little black “romper” at Marshall’s while on the hunt for a perfect 30th birthday outfit. Yes, I have officially joined the #dirtythirty club:

Faux front wrap romper by  BCX “Tabetha” wedge sandal by Guess

I glammed up my look with false lashes and a bold red lip:

FullSizeRender (82)

“Demi Wispies” lashes by Ardell “Perfect Pout” matte lipstick crayon by Bitzy

Joy could not leave this fabulous find behind, a Nanette Lepore fit & flare on sale at Lord & Taylor, for a semi-formal wedding. Joy loved its classic fit and sophisticated knee length hem.

The split neckline gives this look a little edge for the evening garden nuptials:

FullSizeRender (83)

Beige Moda gladiators from DSWGold + Black bangle by Kate Spade Gold drop eearings


With a summer full of bachelorette parties, birthdays, and weddings, we will be breaking out these LBD’s often 🙂

xoxo- Alice

Wardrobe Wed: Exposed Zipper

Zippers have a true Cinderella story. They were meant to be kept hidden at all costs and used for the sole purpose of “tidying” up garments until its fairy godmother (AKA fashion week circa 2009) transformed the zipper into the flaunted fashion detail it is today.

Today’s look embraces the zipper with open arms!

Navy Sheath Dress with Gold Zipper accents by Sharagano

What you can’t see is the coordinating gold zipper that runs down the back. I paired with petite gold accessories and open toed sling back sandals.

Gold + Diamond Bar Necklace and Diamond Band Ring Beige Snakeskin Sandals by Tahari

I have been keeping up with my goal of minimal makeup for summer. I went with black mascara and rose tinted lip balm.

FullSizeRender (78)

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara (Black) | Jane Iredale Tinted Lip Stain (Forever Peach)


Primetime Polish Up: Episode 201 – White Hot

The Primetime Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

OPI Solitaire OPI It's Frosty Outside Essie Private Weekend

OPI Solitaire
OPI It’s Frosty Outside
Essie Private Weekend

Snowed in with nothing to do.  And by snowed in I mean the 1 inch of snow that fell near and around Boston showed up just in time to ruin my Saturday night dinner plans.  That annoying period of a snowfall where the plows are sitting and waiting for enough to accumulate before they start their rounds.  The first official “blizzard” of the year inspired my winter white polish colors this week.  

Photos courtesy of:,,,

Photos courtesy of:,,,

I was also drawn to shades of white because I spent my snowy Saturday watching Telenovela.  The adorable Eva Longoria returns to the small screen in this new comedy show about the cast on a Spanish soap opera.  Eva portrays the star of the telenovela. When “filming” she is wearing beautiful sparkly gowns and when her character is “off screen,” she is dressed in one white hot outfit after another.  Lots of of ideas for future summer looks!

Anyone else watching Telenovela?!

Talk soon,


Body Positivity

On Friday, Joy and I did some light shopping and wandered into Victoria’s Secret to check out a sale. I must admit – I had been avoiding this store for years.

I was always intimidated by the brand and didn’t feel beautiful or “good enough” to wear their items. As a larger adolescent, how could I when the media portrayed only one body type?


It has only been in recent years that the body positive campaign has been making great strides and I was pleasantly surprised by my shopping experience.

The store itself hasn’t changed much. It’s still bright, shiny, and filled with feathers & lace – like one big walk in closet 🙂 This trip I was in search for one particular item: panties. The annual “5 pairs for $25” has now gone up to $27.50 but is still worth it.

In perusing the styles it was evident that Vicky’s has made some serious adjustments over the years to accommodate the average sized woman.I found my go-to style (the bikini brief), tried on a pair,  and was thrilled to discover that they fit!

As a woman, and one with some serious curve action, I am SO glad to see leading brands taking a more inclusive approach with their consumers.

Here are some other examples of brands embracing the body positive movement:

At the end of the day, we are all gorgeous and remarkable woman who are most certainly worth every bit of what life has to offer! I am glad the big brands are catching up ❤


The I’m not shopping on Black Friday Guide

Black Friday shopping has never been my thing.  And for someone who prides herself on her bargain shopping deals you would think I would employ a better strategy on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.   This shopping day really stresses me out.  The racks are all picked over, too many sales to figure out what sale applies to what and minimum purchase stipulations.  No thank you.  Here is a list of 20 things better than Black Friday shopping.

  1. Binge on a TV show.  If you’re looking for something new but worried about a commitment, try the new mini series Flesh and Bone on Starz.  The entire season is available on demand.   Center Stage meets Save the Last Dance meets Black Swan (but way more Black Swan).
  2. Student affairs professionals are ALWAYS complaining they don’t have time to read for pleasure.  Now you do.  Book Bub  is an awesome site that lets you download FREE or DISCOUNTED books to your preferred e-reading platform.  (Does this count as Black Friday shopping?)
  3. Catch a Netflix documentary.  I have tons of documentaries sitting in my queue that I never sit down to watch because I am always catching up on my Prime Time shows.  We have all weekend for that, watch something outside the box.
  4. Cull out your email accounts.  Don’t respond to work emails.  Cleaning up, getting stuff into folders, deleting the crap from your inbox will lead to a very productive Monday.
  5. Plan out your holiday party outfits.  We have lots of good ideas on our Party Time Pintrest Board.
  6. Clean out and reorganize your closet, armoire, nightstand, desk.  If you haven’t worn it, or thought about it in a year, get rid of it.
  7. Update and organize your Pintrest page.  Do you need ideas for work outfits? Home decor? Cooking?
  8. Have your friends over a Friendsgiving brunch.
  9. Clean out your car.  Get the reusable shopping bags off the floor, carry the collection of hoodies inside.  Take a run through the car wash and run that industrial vacuum over the carpets.
  10. If you’re in the Boston area go for a walk around the city, it’s going to be in the 60s! Take advantage!
  11. Decorate for the December holidays or make a list for all the craft supplies you need for all your Pintrest holiday decorating projects.
  12. Do a local search for upcoming charitable events or find ways you an give back this holiday season.
  13. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.  You don’t have to be in job search mode.  Having your resume ready to go in case you need it sooner than you anticipated could you save you a lot of time later down the road.  It’s always a good idea to have your LinkedIn as current as possible.
  14. Go find a yoga class, a spin class, a kick boxing class.  Don’t start a whole new workout routine or anything crazy.  Most places have a drop-in fee for one class.  Or better yet, a free test pass for potential new members.  Again, I’m not saying join a new gym,  but you have the day off, an hour of exercise won’t hurt.
  15. Keep up the Thanksgiving part of the weekend.  All the Thanksgiving edible arrangements and flowers will be on sale.  Send your Thanksgiving hostess with the mostess a thank you gift.
  16. Set your holiday spending budget.  I know, boring and stressful.  A young professional’s financial health is really important.  It’s okay if you’re breaking out the credit card for presents, but at least have a sense of what you are spending and keep yourself in check so paying it off won’t be so burdensome.
  17. Update your playlists.  That one list you always go to when you go for a run is probably getting old.
  18. Mix it up and rearrange your bedroom or living room.
  19. Make some plans.  Find some new restaurants or activities to do with your friends on Groupon or Living Social.
  20. Treat yo self.  Give yourself a mani/pedi.  Soften the ends of that heat treated hair with some coconut oil.  Rejuvenate your skin with a face mask.

Safe travels if you are braving the shopping madness.  Tweet at me or comment here if you are staying in.  #1, 9, and 20 on my to do list!

Talk soon,



Wardrobe Wed: Sweater Shirt

Let me steal a moment from this normal “Wardrobe Wednesday” post to tell you about the harsh reality of hair styling.

My typical routine includes an afternoon workout followed by a quick shower. I am a morning shower gal so whenever I exercise I rinse but leave my hair in a clip since I know I am going to re-shower the next morning. No need to waste extra shampoo/conditioner!

Yesterday, I decided to try out a full shower in hopes of saving myself time today. I scrubbed, shampooed and conditioned and decided to let my hair air dry overnight.

Thinking I had saved myself 20 minutes, sans shower, I decided to put in some rollers while applying my makeup and was excited to have some luscious locks to rock today! The limpness of my air dried hair should have been my first clue… it was a disaster.

I unraveled my rollers to reveal these awkward misshapen curls that were ultra-frizzy and volume-less.

Those 20 precious minutes were quickly eaten up with my frantic attempt to tame the mess and look somewhat presentable for my morning meeting.

With no time to spare, I pulled this outfit together in a flash. I chose my green tweed skirt (Premise) and a cream cashmere sweater t-shirt (Land’s End) with black kitten wedges (me too Shoes).

Alice’s full look:


Just call me Miss Frizzle!

Pulling my hair half-up with a clip seemed like the best solution, though the fly away’s are a killer. Lesson learned: stick to what I know!



Prime Time Polish Up: Episode 108 – It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

The Prime Time Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

It’s Halloween week!  Yes, that’s correct, days leading up to October 31st I dub Halloween week.  I love Halloween.  Dressing up in something silly, creative, or (sorry I’m not sorry) a little slutty and going out dancing with your friends is so much fun.  There are also fun size candy bars in everyone’s office.  This is actually the first year I am not dressing up for the occasion, but don’t worry, a themed 30th birthday party is in my calendar so that is how the gals and I are making up for our lack of Halloween plans.  In honor of the holiday, I went dark and ominous with my color choice , Orly Goth.


Orly Goth and my favorite Halloween candy, York Peppermint Patty

I am not a fan of scary movies.  I like suspense thrillers but the Paranormal Activities, Exorcisms, the endless Saw series, they just don’t do it for me.  As far as Halloween movies go, do I even need to comment on Hocus Pocus? Classic. Starring Bette Midler and pre-SATC Sarah Jessica Parker.  Check out the where the cast is today.

Confessions of a Hairdresser

So my big adventure to try the “rose gold” hue started off innocently enough. I had the day off and was excited to go to my favorite spot, LiShay Hair Design. I am lucky enough to be dear friends with the owners (and sisters), Lindsey and Shay, and while we have fun outside of work, it is always a treat to catch up while I get a new ‘do!

Shay and Lindsey – owners of LiShay Hair Design!

Lindsey has been my friend/hair stylist for many years so we are very open with each other when it comes to trying out to a new hue. She knew what I wanted to do when I came in, but gave me the low down on the pastel coloring trend.

To get that beautiful and light color (whether it be lilac, turquoise, or rose) they take a regular permanent color and dilute it down with conditioner. The amount of actual color in the mix is miniscule compared to the conditioner mixed in. While it delivers on the desired effect, it doesn’t last more than a few weeks. No. Thank you.

I am all for trying out new trends, but this girl is on a BUDGET. I opted to keep my rose gold aspirations to Pinterest and let Lindsey play around with some reds that will last well into the fall/winter season.


Pre-cut and pre- dye! Copper gold was the base color.

As always, Lindsey worked her magic and the final result was a beautifully rich and vibrant auburn. As an experiment, she put in some rose gold highlights so I could see how quickly they would fade.


Just call me “Cinnamon” .

True to her confession, its been a week and a half and the rose gold is no more. Luckily, my hair still looks fabulous!


Primetime Polish Up: Episode 107 – Julianne Moore Part II

The Primetime Polish Up is my weekly post showing off my nail polish color of the week and a review of what I binged watched.  I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!  Comment here or tweet to me @gingercouture1 or @JoyAttardo.

Nothing special or out of the ordinary this week.  Kinda weird actually.  Of course a couple dinners with friends and my daily work schedule is busy but no major events this week.  I will enjoy definitely enjoy a lighter week for a change. My polish choice is out of pure love for the color rather than planning out how I will dress and accessorize for a special occasion.  I’ve been noticing lots of dark blue and green shades of polish lately so I chose OPI Dark Side of the Mood.

OPI Dark Side of the Mood

OPI Dark Side of the Mood

I just finished reading Still Alice and immediately watched the movie.  I usually read for pleasure during my morning elliptical workout.  This was a heavy read for my morning workout entertainment but I could not put it down.  I was near tears at several points during this journey about Alice, a Harvard linguistics professor diagnosed with early onset alzheimer’s.  It was the daughter’s I identified most with.  The setting for this story took place in Boston, the personal familiarity with all the landmarks made it easy for me to connect with the characters. As a daughter, while reading this story, I was constantly putting myself the daughters’ shoes and my own family members in Alice’s situation.  This is not a far fetched story or one that exaggerated details for the sake of a good story.  Anyone could find themselves in Alice or her daughter’s situation.  The author really elicited feelings of anxiety, panic and grief as each new obstacle occurred and through the way Alice described her interactions and experiences.           

After finally seeing this blockbuster it is no surprise why Julianne Moore won the Academy Award last year.  The characters fit my imagination and brought the feelings to life. With any book to movie interpretation you lose the perspective of the internal struggle and the ability to hear the thoughts of the story teller.  I was most taken aback but the changes between the book and the movie.

In the book, Alice’s Black Berry was another appendage for her.  It was one of the tools she used to try to maintain a sense of order and control over her life.  The movie upgraded her Black Berry to an iPhone.  This detail is really not a big deal and did not alter the story line but I didn’t see the point to upgrading her technology especially where the book took place in the early 2000’s when Black Berries were widely used by professionals.  While it was only an ancillary part of the story, the graduate student that Alice advised in the book was omitted from the movie.  The relationship between a student and academic advisor/mentor is very important and I like that this showcased another aspect of Alice’s career that was impacted by her diagnosis, not just her teaching.  Another step Alice took to gain control of her future was the support group she started so she could socialize with others who were diagnosed with early onset alzheimer’s.  The story line in the movie did not struggle without this detail so I was not as disappointed when I realized it was not included as I was about some other exclusions and changes.  The movie changed the location from Boston to New York.  This change did disappoint me.  When I sat down to watch the movie, I was so excited to see Boston displayed as the backdrop.  The know-it-all in me likes to be able to point out certain streets, storefronts, or landmarks.  Boston is a much more intimate city compared to NYC.  Boston is full of rich history, it is a city that people can quickly  pick out on a map, it is a familiar city whether you are from here or not.  Alice lost her intimate relationships, familiarity with her surroundings, and her personal history.  Maybe the author did not intend for there to be such a tie between the themes of the book and the location, but it was a connection that I made and the transition to NYC in the movie didn’t sit as well with me.  Again, this movie was an impeccable portrayal of the book and the alternations do not change the quality of the film, I highly recommend the book and movie.

Any book to movie recommendations? Send them my way!

Talk soon,