Summer Scarf

I received this scarf as a gift in the fall and have been itching to wear it ever since! The light cotton fabric and bright hues made it the perfect accessory on my recent trip to Florida.


The sand dollar necklace, diamond bar choker, and Kenneth Cole cherry red belt were week long staples and complimented the scarfs sea-side vibe.

For this particular look, I chose to bring out the scarfs royal blue accents with a laser cut detail blouse by Mirado. A black pencil skirt (Rafaella) and greige heels (…me Too Shoes) complete the outfit!


Florida in Photos

Skirt by Rafaella | Tank blouse by Vince Camuto |Bangles by Alex + Ani | Gold Sand dollar Necklace (vintage gift) | Dress by J. Crew | Two-toned Scarf by Old Navy | Greige Heels by …me Too Shoes

Fantastic food. 70 degrees and sunny. Not a bad way to spend the work week!


Wardrobe Wed: Sweater Shirt

Let me steal a moment from this normal “Wardrobe Wednesday” post to tell you about the harsh reality of hair styling.

My typical routine includes an afternoon workout followed by a quick shower. I am a morning shower gal so whenever I exercise I rinse but leave my hair in a clip since I know I am going to re-shower the next morning. No need to waste extra shampoo/conditioner!

Yesterday, I decided to try out a full shower in hopes of saving myself time today. I scrubbed, shampooed and conditioned and decided to let my hair air dry overnight.

Thinking I had saved myself 20 minutes, sans shower, I decided to put in some rollers while applying my makeup and was excited to have some luscious locks to rock today! The limpness of my air dried hair should have been my first clue… it was a disaster.

I unraveled my rollers to reveal these awkward misshapen curls that were ultra-frizzy and volume-less.

Those 20 precious minutes were quickly eaten up with my frantic attempt to tame the mess and look somewhat presentable for my morning meeting.

With no time to spare, I pulled this outfit together in a flash. I chose my green tweed skirt (Premise) and a cream cashmere sweater t-shirt (Land’s End) with black kitten wedges (me too Shoes).

Alice’s full look:


Just call me Miss Frizzle!

Pulling my hair half-up with a clip seemed like the best solution, though the fly away’s are a killer. Lesson learned: stick to what I know!



Wardrobe Wed: Bold Patterns

This week I am on a business trip to NH and today kicks off my trek up to the granite state. Knowing I would be spending most of the day in my car to/from/ in between alumni visits I wanted to be comfortable but appropriate. For this chilly day, I went with my cream and black striped long sleeve dress from the Gap (a fall favorite). Its thick cotton fabric gives structure and warmth – perfect for hopping in and out of the car.

I paired with my …me Too Shoes kitten heels and a tan patent leather belt. With this busy pattern I went jewelry free. Stay tuned for a full post on my NH travels and packing light 101.

Alice’s full look:


Easy, breezy, beautiful!

This is a pretty quiet week for Joy, nothing special or out of the ordinary going on at work.  Today Joy has a typical work day, back to back meetings with students and then dinner with the girls. Since Joy is going from her desk to dinner she paired a black and brown floral print Ann Taylor Loft dress with black tights and riding boots. Perfect for work and sharing a plate of nachos and laughs with her girlfriends.

Joy’s full look:

FullSizeRender (28)

Perfect day to evening dress!


Wardrobe Wed: Long Lasting Looks

Today I was in desperate need of a day-to-night look that will take me from my usual daily routine (meetings, phone calls, and emails) to a pop-up event that we are hosting tonight for our alums. For long days like this I tend to go with one of my color block dresses.

I chose to wear my navy & white sheath dress from Chaps with my greige kitten heels from …me Too Shoes. It is the epitome of an “easy” look. It doesn’t wrinkle and is fuss free! Sans accessories, I decided to add a real pop of color with L’Oreal Infallible lip color in Beyonce’s Red. This bad boy does.not.fade. Just another reason Bey is the queen!

Alice’s full look:


Navy & white sheath dress from Chaps.

me too side

Comfort is key!

Fall weather has fallen and Joy has a busy day on her feet in the city. She is starting the day volunteering at the Museum of Fine Arts ushering a French film. Then its a quick trip on the green line to meet up with her friend Paula at Copley Place to check out the Wearable Art Exhibit. After admirning the beautiful work from Mass Art students, Joy and Paula will head over to Newbury Street to the Boston Architectural College for the Engaged Body Exhibition. They plan to wrap up the night with hot cider at Trident Cafe.

To keep warm, Joy layered a black and white plaid button up from New  York and Company with a sequin embellished Ann Taylor sweater. The leggings were warm without being too bulky and fit perfectly with Enzo Angiolini riding boots from Saks.

Joy’s full look:

Outerwear: Laundry windbreaker from Macy’s

megan 2

Three stone earrings from express; Crystal pave multi layer ring from Swarovski


Standing the Test of Time

Would it surprise you guys to know that Joy and I both serve on a Board of Directors?  As someone who still thinks she graduated from college less than four years ago (in actuality I am three years shy of my 10 year college reunion…yikes!), it still surprises me to say that I am a Board member.

This Summer marks our first full year serving on our alma mater’s Alumni Association Board. It has been an incredible experience both professionally and personally. Joy will be talking more about our involvement as young alumna and I will be sharing more about my love of philanthropy in a bit so, for now, I am focused on the task at hand: finding a professional & comfortable outfit for our 8 hour retreat this Friday.

This retreat takes up an entire day for a good reason: so we can expand our impact and determine how we can best serve the University and its students in the year ahead.

In the past year we have successfully increased alumni engagement at events, awarded two separate scholarships for student leaders, and created an Emergency Grant Fund for our students who are in desperate need of life essentials.

I am looking forward to what we come up with at this retreat and it is a relief to not be a “newcomer” this time around. Regardless of your rank, however, the day’s attire is more formal than your everyday 9-5 outfit.

It doesn’t help that I am itching for some new pieces to add to my wardrobe and with Fall approaching I am eager to switch out my seasons. With nothing striking me at home, and not wanting to spend more than $10 for a new piece, I thrifted my way to victory.

I went straight to the dress section at Saver’s and found a black sleeveless sheath dress by Style & Co. for $9.99. It fit perfectly over my hour-glass shape and has a silk liner that will prevent any wrinkles from forming over the 8 hour day (of mostly sitting):

Comfort & style all in one!

Comfort & style all in one!

What I love about the LBD is that you can do so much with your accessories and it transitions seamlessly from day to evening. This dress will be an incredible classic piece for all seasons. A trip to the dry cleaner is all she needs.

Since I had time to spare during my lunch hour excursion I decided to peruse the shoe section and came across these beauties, which I snagged for $5.99:

Colore me greige.

The side sweeping accents are everything!

me too side

Color me impressed.

The greige tone makes them perfect for any color palette and they are hardly worn. They are from a company called …me Too shoes and if you haven’t heard of them they are definitely worth a look HERE!

Luckily, I had $6 cash in my wallet that I put towards the shoes so if we want to get technical I did meet my goal of only spending $10 via debit card. Worst case scenario: a work dress and shoes for $16 is not a bad haul.

For accessories I decided to play off the transition into Fall and went with these at home pieces:

Slate grey, forest green, and turquoise jewels.

Slate grey, forest green, and turquoise jewels.

My NOLA rose plated ring (pictured left) is a staple. The tourmaline solitaire (pictured right) was a splurge while on vacation in Antigua with Gear years ago!

My NOLA rose plated ring (pictured left) is a staple. The tourmaline solitaire (pictured right) was a splurge while on vacation in Antigua with Gear years ago!

Now that I have my outfit picked out and ready to go I can dedicate my morning routine on hair and makeup. With a higher neckline I like to do a low chignon of sorts that will (most importantly) stay in place throughout the day and open up the top half of my frame.

Paired with a simple eye and bold lip its the perfect blend of professional makeup that isn’t a total bore. I will have more on that process come Friday morning!